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I love running this card with Pyromancer Ascension. Makes turn five very interesting.
Posted By: IronShins (1/5/2010 4:29:45 PM)


This card is best played when you have creatures in play so that you can get an extra time to attack.
Posted By: hahahahahaha (3/25/2012 10:19:19 AM)


In answer to the issue of why black can't have something like this, taking extra turns is an ability that falls into blue's section of the color pie. Time magic in general isn't something that black specializes in, and so black doesn't need cards like this. And as far as the accusations of blue being overpowered, have you even seen Baneslayer Angel? Or Jump, for that matter? Get your head on straight. I agree that black is also lacking, but to call blue number one this time around is absurd.
Posted By: Zulp (10/4/2009 6:01:00 PM)


Black does have its own take an extra turn. Temporal Extortion. Either way, the opponent takes a hit from that.
Posted By: KarmasPayment (10/27/2009 6:30:15 PM)



That's kind of asking for alot. This card is powerfull enough on it's own, there are more things to do in a turn than just play spells. Nobody needs uncommon Time Walks (which are contenders for the best cards ever printed) floating around.
Posted By: FirstPrime (8/7/2009 2:05:38 PM)


-such a sexy card, especially the artwork. <3
Posted By: foils (6/29/2010 7:12:28 AM)


Strictly worse than Time Walk. And yet, nobody's angry.

Posted By: MicrosizeMe (4/16/2012 8:23:23 AM)


This + Radiate - is that as pointless a combo as it seems on first glance, in a multiplayer game? If you could stack the extra turns as you wished, that could make for an interesting multiplayer effect. Don't know if that is a legal move, though...
Posted By: Leshrac_Nightwalker (9/15/2009 1:54:24 PM)


aaaah, simply loove the flavor. I had a massive army in my U/G and attacked and the dude tapped his last mana and angelsong'd instant death.. So I warped time.
Posted By: TheSwarm (7/28/2010 11:58:37 AM)


Not neccessarily new, but I agree, the new blue is rather underwhelming really
Posted By: Dragek (7/10/2009 3:45:23 PM)