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These cards that worry about low power suck in a set with overpowered, fatty creatures.
Posted By: Demonic_Angel13 (4/20/2010 5:45:13 PM)


NOO!! Another beautifully shaped body gone to waste :(
Posted By: VegaSecureA (9/27/2010 1:28:36 PM)


Yet another stolen (although slightly tweaked) card, Smother. And lo and behold, it's actually not that hot! That's only because of the sad truth that white is already overloaded with super powerful creature removal, when it really shouldn't be!
Posted By: True_Mumin (4/28/2010 7:28:41 AM)


Less mana-intensive version of Divine Verdict, but pretty limited in usefulness. It can't destroy utility creatures unless they're attacking or blocking and if they're blocking, it's likely a chump block. If they're attacking, they might be pumped up beyond power 3 via exalted or equipment anyways. In the late game, this can't do anything for fatties. Not as effective as cards that target low CMC creatures but I can imagine complaints about color pie if this was any better. 2/5
Posted By: Kbot (4/15/2010 10:29:21 AM)


Blegh, white taking over removal, huh? Well, since when has black had a weenie element? Ever since those little vamps came in, that's black's big strat now.
Posted By: Gwafa_Hazid (6/26/2010 12:44:29 AM)


I think you guys are forgetting that in RotE limited, you can kill all those lousy defender creatures easily with this card. See: Overgrown Battlement, Vent Sentinel, Wall of Omens, etc.

Not only that, all those levelers that haven't leveled up completely can be owned with this card too. See: Student of Warfare, Coralhelm Commander, Hada Spy Patrol, etc.

And who knows, once boring Bloodbraid Elf rotates out of standard, the game may be different and this card may have its uses.
Posted By: nammertime (4/22/2010 10:59:52 AM)


>>> Why is white becoming number 1 in killing/removoving creatures in MTG ? isn't white supposed to PROTECT or HEAL creatures ? That doesn't feel right.<<<
READ THIS, R&D!!! He is perfectly right!

White should be the color with the worst way to handle creatures and even then, they should avoid graveyard or exile. So I would rather see a white Unsummon than this. And white should rather use creatures with defender, lifegain and card draw effects to compensate threatening creatures.
Posted By: Cheza (5/2/2010 4:07:15 PM)


That's gotta hurt.
Posted By: divine_exodus (12/31/2010 11:38:03 AM)


Right in the feels
Posted By: tcollins (11/30/2013 10:16:47 PM)