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removal spell? he is BLUE for fox sake, the colour of counter. For that lvl up cost, you can have him at level 7 in no time. This is absolutely broken.
Oh yeah, and whispersilk cloak... wow!
Posted By: Sironos (12/1/2010 1:17:19 PM)


Strictly better than Lumengrid Warden. Hur hur.
Posted By: KillerWhiskey (12/4/2010 3:25:51 AM)


...Use with Proliferate (in standard) like Tezzeret's Gambit, or Gilder Bairn or (obviously) Doubling Season.
Posted By: Feralsymphony (5/18/2011 3:15:13 PM)


Remember guys, you only take an extra turn after your opponent's turn, so if you're playing one-on-one, you get 2 turns to your opponent's one.
However, if two different players each have one, they just alternate taking turns, regardless of how many other players there are in the game.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (2/24/2012 10:09:57 PM)


We usually play with nine people or more... I think we would just have to ban this card.
Posted By: KokoshoForPresident (3/23/2012 8:49:54 PM)


can some one explain how this work, the card says, if its not your turn take an extra turn after this one, so would it go: Opponent,me,me,opponent(ect.)?
Posted By: Eldrazi-Worshiper (5/23/2012 6:57:01 PM)


Got locked out of an EDH game by two of these control by both my opponents. I waited for 15 minutes, then I decided to just go outside and buy lunch hoping someone would Wrath the board.
Posted By: Splizer (6/11/2011 5:18:31 PM)


That's a lot of turns.
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (4/15/2010 10:48:27 PM)


6-8 mana for blue seems to be very easy in NPH.
T1: Island, Enclave Cryptologist or the likes.
T2: Island, this card or some other blue creatures with CMC 2.
T3: Island, Grand Architect, Tapping 3Blue creatures, Playing Caged Sun then naming blue.
T4: If you played another island you can produce enough mana to level-up this fella.

And don't forget with this combo he's already a 3/5 at level 0.
Posted By: bluemaxx (4/23/2011 8:50:46 PM)


For 9 mana you have a killer creature. That sounds about right, until you realize that you can pay in installments! So what if your opponent killed it? That just means it's a great big threat that they must answer to, and that's good for you!

Also, it's not as annoying to lose a creature that you can replace by paying only 2-mana and starting the clock again quite easily without tapping out of mana for counters. This is a great card, and I foresee fun things to happen with it on the field.

Makes you a big target in multiplayer though. Even bigger than Luminarch Ascension, I'd wager.
Posted By: Pramxnim (4/16/2010 12:50:12 AM)