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When you've stocked up much mana you can already kill Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.

So long, flying spaghetti monster. And thanks for the +15/+0.
Posted By: ExzcellionGamma (6/19/2012 11:50:04 PM)



Yes, if Drana manages to bring your creature down to a toughness of 0, then it is sent to the graveyard. It is not, however, destroyed, so effects such as indestructibility don't prevent this from happening. Hope this answer is helpful to you.
Posted By: SuperSphinx (5/10/2011 6:03:17 AM)


I bought one just for the art.
Posted By: Sterling_Archer (6/17/2011 10:06:49 PM)


I love Drana <3 <3

She kills Spearbreakers :D
Posted By: Necropsy (9/16/2011 5:36:42 AM)


You have a slice of my heart! We have won many games together! Here's to many more!!!

One of my favorite Legendary creatures in Black! Go Drana! 5/5

Don't underestimate a resuseable "-X" on a flyer that also pumps at the same time! =O
Posted By: Silence9 (5/7/2012 4:23:22 PM)


She's a frickin nuclear missile in limited. You play her and if she survives two or three turns you pretty much just win the game right there. RoE is kind of low on removal that can make her go completely away and prevent you from just killing everything your opponent has.
Nirkana Revenant anyone? "So I'll just tap my seven swamps for 14 mana, kill your two Baneslayer Angels and swing for 14 in the air."
Amazingly flavorful and cool and good looking etc. and I want to marry her for winning me so many games in the prerelease but she's not going to see constructed play outside of casual. Malakir Bloodwitch just has a much more relevant ability in being able to shrug off half the removal in standard.
Posted By: Exart (4/19/2010 1:10:34 PM)


Anowon who?
Posted By: DutchSanta (4/18/2010 11:10:47 PM)


Just played a casual game against a friend's beatdown deck. Mid-game and beyond he couldn't keep any creatures in play because Drana kept killing them. Reminded me of the opening scene from the South Park episode "Margaritaville."

Oh, and need I mention...she's soooo beautiful! She inspires me to write a trashy syrupy romance novel starring her and a tabula rasa teenage love interest...nah.
Posted By: Paleopaladin (6/2/2010 10:08:12 PM)


lol she is definitively one of the best vampires i have seen, i just owned my friend's ally deck with her as i was about to die, i dropped her and survived one more turn just to finish him off killing one of his ally pigs and dealing more than enough damage to bury him. Her ability is gold, i kill one creature and get to deal extra damage every damn turn. Anowon doesnt have **** on her.
Posted By: PsychoCrusher (5/14/2010 11:56:54 AM)


What a dicked up edh general. yes ill remove whatever that is you just played before you end your turn. its indestructible? so? oh its got shroud? ****
Posted By: krauser-gogetthegirl (7/12/2011 4:12:29 PM)


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