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block 1 damage dies 2 more damage. Like a colorless arctrail creature.
Posted By: Bootsgamer (4/23/2011 8:40:30 PM)


He says "I love you red deck." with explosives.
Posted By: Whitewing (4/30/2011 7:46:38 PM)


An excellent 2-drop, and gets quite scary with a Myr Reservoir around. I used to run 4 of these. Then I found Ichorclaw Myr and never looked back. Still a solid card though, and great for running outside of myr tribal.
Posted By: AngelPhoenix (5/26/2011 5:43:34 AM)


This guy is monowhite's best solution to the dreadful Phyrexian Crusader.

He works very well in any Bloodchief Ascension deck as well.
Posted By: Diab0l0 (6/10/2011 9:23:34 PM)


I love this card. Feels so good to have a decent colourless burn card, and it helps out mono-colour decks a lot against all those really annoying protection creatures since a lot of them seem to cap out at 2 toughness: (Kor Firewalker, Phyrexian Crusader, Mirran Crusader, Devout Lightcaster, Etched Champion, White Knight, Silver Knight). It can almost handle Squadron Hawks carrying swords. If only.
Posted By: 2pcsofcandy (6/14/2011 1:47:46 PM)


Powerhouse! Its easy to underestimate this little guy, but my opponents soon learn to fear him. I call him my terrorist Myr lol He stops people from attacking allowing me to quickly build up my forces and take the lead. I prefer him over Ichorclaw Myr.

Posted By: Zetsuna (12/26/2011 5:08:24 PM)


@ Kesth: Not very much. Mikaeus, the Unhallowed pumps the Myr but it still dies automatically from the Heartless Summonings. It would deal 2 damage to target creature or player and come back as a 1/1. However, if you had 3 Summonings, it would die again and deal another 2 damage to target creature or player.
Posted By: j_mindfingerpainter (4/3/2012 4:43:43 PM)


Heartless Summoning turns this into a free colorless shock?
Posted By: Totema (4/11/2012 2:06:51 AM)


Works great for creating a stalemate in early game control.
Posted By: witinhalf (6/12/2012 8:59:50 PM)


I shall call him... Prinny Myr.
Posted By: Necrosage_Disel (9/26/2010 11:17:36 PM)