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This is GREAT for 'Infect' creatures.
Posted By: Mattious_Maximous (9/23/2010 9:13:39 PM)


They printed Enrage in the Infect colors.

Like really?
Posted By: DonRoyale (9/24/2010 12:23:26 AM)


Heh this might make green infect decks be THE infect deck.
Posted By: OutlawD1 (9/24/2010 8:14:33 AM)


B/G infect in Limited. Makes me happy, since Standard is nearly broken from the GG/infect combo.
Posted By: http404error (2/6/2011 10:48:28 AM)


How can people rate this so highly?
As was already said:
- for 4 mana you get a giant growth
- for 8 mana you get a might of oaks
That's good? How?

Imagine you'd add a cantrip effect to this card, simply the line "draw a card".
- for one mana, you'd cycle it for no effect
- for two mana you'd get an aggressive urge
- for three mana you'd get a wildsize without the trample
- for four mana you'd get a sudden strength

So that would make this a balanced card. Without card draw? Unplayable in any constructed deck and even in limited not great. Thanks for screwing up this opportunity wotc. T_T
Posted By: majinara (9/27/2010 8:02:43 AM)


This card cost 4 mana to equal Giant Growth (1 mana), and 5 mana to equal a kicked Vines of Vastwood (2 mana). Only advantage this card offers is very late game where you have a stupid amount of mana. The art alone cannot save this card's fate.
Posted By: LimePeel (9/25/2010 12:23:21 AM)


Why would anyone even consider this card over Primal Bellow?

For Untamed Might to give your creature +10/+10, you have to pay 11 mana. For Primal Bellow to give your creature +10/+10, all you need is to have 10 forests. You don't even need to spend the mana. Then you end up with 9 more mana left to spend on other potent effects in that same turn.

This card would be a waste of mana if you were to pay enough to make it effective.
Posted By: Kelrath (10/25/2010 4:23:43 PM)


When I think of untamed might I always picture a weak Elf punching a weak Vedalkan. Makes perfect sense. They couldn't use a Beast or Lizard here?
Posted By: desolation_masticore (5/24/2011 3:14:30 AM)


Absurdly in Limited... especially with infest. This should have been a sorcery and/or a red spell... just to increase the difficulties for infest decks. With Tumble Magnet, you can tap a creature during the end of his turn than tap another one during your turn and you should nearly always have a creature advantage. One creature with infest can be enough to end the game.
Posted By: Cheza (10/4/2010 12:16:17 PM)


Won't see constructed play, but in limited it will win games for the same reason that Tainted Strike will. Players won't block an infect creature thinking they can handle the few additional poison counters, and then get instagibbed by the buff.
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (9/25/2010 10:31:46 AM)


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