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Use it with treasure hunt to get the card you need to win.
Posted By: Master_of_Evocation (3/10/2010 4:31:37 AM)


I have Emrakul in my deck, and my opponent is at less than 15 life. I cast selective memory, and leave only lands and Emrakul. I cast Explosive Revelation, and kill them with Emrakul.
Posted By: Doom_Lich (7/30/2010 12:42:04 PM)


This is my favorite card in the whole set. I like it because it exemplifies everything that makes a card a Johnny favorite - that is, it begs the question, "What can I do with this?"
Posted By: XDaragoX (1/30/2010 6:42:11 PM)


I agree with Champion_Kitsune, there's no reason that this should cost 2 more than Mana Severance. Maybe 1 more. Even so, it has found a home in my cycling deck. I'd been having trouble with getting duplicates of my combo pieces once the combo was all set, so what better way to get every dead draw in the deck out? Pull out every copy of Fluctuator, Astral Slide, and Stoic Champion, to leave myself with only cards that now cycle for 0 and go to town with a really big Stoic Champion.

Posted By: Guest1381794618 (1/30/2011 6:46:15 PM)


More landfall! Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle will just burn u all the way.

I like the art and flavor text.
Posted By: JosirisDavid (1/30/2010 8:19:25 AM)


I've used this card just to get lands when I had Lorthos and Emrakul in my hand. I removed mostly everything else and drew nothing but the lands I needed. It takes a lot of setting up just to get to that point though...
Posted By: 7evin (7/31/2010 1:44:39 AM)


The potential for this is in something like a landless or land super light deck. I would think that's obvious. It isn't like such a deck is beyond possible either.

There are also numerous cards that go through the top card of your library and if they hit a land they just keep going until they don't. See autochton wurm and erratic explosion, for instance.

Clearly this is a powerful effect.
Posted By: Baconradar (8/13/2010 8:38:04 AM)


So why does this cost 2 more than Mana Severance?
Posted By: Champion_Kitsune (3/10/2010 8:16:33 PM)


treasure hunt and seismic assault ftw
Posted By: Blackshamrock (2/4/2010 3:59:36 PM)


I have this card in my eldrazi deck. Using it with Mass polymorph, Undying flames or explosive revelation has a nice effect.
Posted By: Tukall (10/31/2010 6:54:29 AM)