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Same cost as Storm Crow who starts with evasion...?

No, but seriously. This is pretty cool. The level ups are a nice addition to Magic. I'd like to see the keyword survive. And I'm loving the merfolk tribalism in Zendi block.
Posted By: RafiqTheMiststalker (4/28/2010 8:54:38 PM)


In limited, this is VERY useful. Most walls have a toughness of 4, making any attacker with power 4 very useful. However, I would have made a white version instead, since it rather feels a bit odd, that blue focus on toughness that much. Very good for a blue pauper star deck as well. (the first option to block green fatties)
Posted By: Cheza (5/3/2010 7:56:12 AM)


This guy was my MVP blue creature during the prerelease. Great cheap common, and makes the transition from wall into beatdown right when I need it. Gamewinner with Drake Umbra.
Posted By: yesnomu (5/3/2010 11:29:34 AM)


I seriously underestimated this card. I looked at it and said "meh too expensive for a 6/6"
I didn't think about its first two levels, or its islandwalk. I finally decided to put into my new merfolk deck as a filler card. I enjoyed destroying my opponent's green fattie deck with 3 shots to the face. ( already dud 4 damage earlier) now i use a playable set in my deck
Posted By: BlackAlbino (5/16/2010 8:01:04 PM)


At first glance, i'll put these instead of Maritime Guard in a "Deadspread Proliferate" deck.
Posted By: nimzo (10/11/2010 10:12:52 PM)


Pretty cool defensive guy. The reason to play him is his versatility. You'll play him as early defense early in the game. Later on, when you run out of things to do with your mana, you can turn him into a guy that is big enough to make an impact. Or a win condition if they're playing islands.
Posted By: Shiizu (11/11/2010 7:40:39 AM)


better then maritime guard
Posted By: Imperialstonedragon (3/25/2011 9:37:19 AM)


I really like this,
turn 2 wall,
turn 3 to 4 big wall,
Turn 5 Beat stick.

its a solid card that you can play in multicolor, sure it doesn't give you an extra turn every other turn, or triple your spells, but it wont attract too much attention either.
Posted By: Ava_Adore (5/9/2011 12:31:52 PM)


I really dig these Level Up monsters.
Posted By: PretzelBraids (8/7/2011 5:56:30 PM)


Ludevic's Test Subject one-ups this.
Still very good, though. 0/3 for three, 0/6 for four and, eventually, 6/6 with islandwalk for twelve.
Posted By: Lash_of_Dragonbreath (6/1/2012 4:16:19 PM)