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I love when I flash (Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir) out a Tajuru Preserver in response to your Balance.

Makes me a happy panda.
Posted By: SquirePath (3/23/2012 5:02:20 PM)


i really like the idea about having a special set of cards that allow players getting an up-to-date wording, design and new artwork of their restricted vintage cards that would otherwise never get reprinted.

this will likely never happen with the power 9, though.
Posted By: Mode (10/15/2009 9:15:27 AM)


Love the reprint. Run with Parallax Wave.
Posted By: mrredhatter (11/7/2009 3:29:20 PM)


The only reason Balance isn't on the Power 9 is because its not blue.

Seriously, this card is nuts. Better than Timetwister for sure.
Posted By: FieryBalrogs (10/28/2009 1:21:06 AM)


Ah definitely one of the most broken cards of all time, if any of your friends play this on you you have the right to reach across the table and slap them!
Posted By: Revelation666 (8/16/2010 7:41:09 AM)


Wow, Communism in the form of a magic card... who would have though? I will need to watch out for this sucker. It looks painful.
Posted By: Zoah (1/11/2010 11:37:40 PM)


Is she wearing crotchless pants?

Rock on.
Posted By: Kirbster (12/14/2011 9:40:17 AM)


Why is this card so good?

Well, many time it essentially reads 1White: Target opponent sacrifices 2 creatures, sacrifices a land, and discards 2 cards. And that's only turn 2.
Posted By: faisjdas (3/3/2010 10:36:56 PM)


Posted By: VirtueVsVice (11/1/2009 7:21:16 PM)


great art, satanic card
Posted By: darkfury (9/12/2009 9:30:04 AM)