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Goblin Razerunners approves.
Posted By: touchdown (1/31/2010 2:18:25 PM)


Strenght of the tajuru XYGG
Put X +1/+1 counters on Y+1 target creatures.
Posted By: Tezz (1/17/2011 11:35:35 AM)


I love how Wizards is using multikicker correctly with this card and Comet Storm. Even though I loved cards like Fireball for their flavor, it just wasn't mana efficient enough. Good Job Wizards!
Posted By: dberry02 (1/10/2011 8:10:09 PM)


This card is amazing in Elves. Picture this:

You have Joraga, the Warcaller on the board with a bunch of other elves, and currently they're all at about 2/2.

It's your opponent's attack turn and he's getting ready to attack with his creatures. You're running green so you're not hurting for mana at all. You block with the elves, and then throw 6 mana into this thing and give Joraga, and all of your elves +4/+4. Their creatures go bye bye.

The fact that this thing is instant is incredible. It's like permanent multikicker Giant Growth for the whole team.
Posted By: coyotemoon722 (1/30/2010 1:22:29 AM)


The art looks like a bad acid trip, but the card is fairly good. As a bonus: if you have enough mana, it can save all of your creatures from a Comet Storm by tossing the proper amount of 1/1 counters on each creature. For hilarity. Can't help you getting hit, though.

It's fairly good pump. They stick around, and it can get some cheap counters on your guys. Obnoxiously obvious synergy with Joraga Warcaller.
Posted By: Elysiume (1/29/2010 1:58:43 PM)


This is great fun in a green ramp deck. Anti alpha strike tech that makes all there attacks bad without them even knowing it. This card would be funny at sorcery, but at instant its just crazy lolz. MVP of my WWK prerelease (with a little help from vampire nighthawk)
Posted By: grayseeroly (1/31/2010 1:53:23 PM)


Posted By: gongshowninja (10/16/2010 12:11:14 PM)


i personally am not a huge fan of this card, but i think its better then it looks
Posted By: wolfv (1/29/2010 4:36:45 PM)


Hmmm, reminds me on decree of savagery. And I think the decree is better. Why?

Well, one example:
Late game, I have one creature in play and want to buff it. I could cycle the decree, draw a card and give the creature four +1/+1 counters (not counterable by normal counterspells since I cycle the decree instead of playing it). With this card, the strength tajaru thingy, I can give the creature a single +1/+1 counter (unless I also want to put counters on opponents creature).

Second: decree doesnt target if you hardcast it. It can also put counters on your creatures if they have shroud, or protection of green or anything like that.

This thing is just too narrow. It's only good when I have a lot of creatures in play and a lot of mana. And if that's the case, why didn't I win? If it would say "put X +1/+1 counters on up to X creatures", then it would be really strong. But it doesn't. It's like a green version of hex. Strong but only in certain ... (see all)
Posted By: majinara (2/1/2010 5:34:49 AM)


While it has good synergy with Joraga Wallcaller as has been mentioned, I would melt over seeing this card combo'd with Mycoloth in an Eldrazi Green deck (especially if you're also running Omnath and have stored a huge pile of mana).

End of opponents turn: Strength of the Tajuru on Mycoloth for about 10 counters.
Upkeep: 9 more Saprolings than before (if you include the 1 you're likely to sacrifice). Not to mention Myc is swinging for at least 15 if you have an Eldrazi up.

If this was a sorcery it would still be decent. The fact that it's instant is downright awesome. I don't know if it will feature in competitive play yet, but at the very least it has the potential to be in there.
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (2/1/2010 10:25:08 PM)