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I'm disappointed in all of you. How come no one has mentioned the power of this with Elvish Guidance? That combo is equivalent to two Priest of Titania. Use Wood Elves to help throw down some extra forests with an Ambush Commander, and all of a sudden you can hardcast just about anything.

T1: Forest, Arbor Elf
T2: Forest, Wood Elves+Forest, Arbor Elf
T3: Forest, Elvish Guidance, Ambush Commander, 4x Llanowar Sentinel, (exile Elvish Spirit Guide) Elvish Promenade.
T4: hard cast anything (you should have 24 elves and around 100 mana before doing anything.)
Posted By: CallmeMerry (8/16/2011 12:26:07 PM)


So this card pretty much means you can put 8 Llanowar Elves in a deck now. Very nice!
Posted By: Khaztr (1/31/2010 8:26:28 PM)


In mono-green this and llanowar elves are about equal. If you play the green zendikon or something; this becomes better. If you play multi-colored; llanowar elves is better. It all depends on the situation
Posted By: bram-s-wallace (1/29/2010 4:44:31 PM)


Almost strictly better than Llanowar elves for fixing when you're running Rav duals.

All them extended and legacy decks got a new toy.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (1/31/2010 8:58:31 PM)


This replaces Noble Hierarch in Eldrazi Green in my opinion. The Elf synergy can be important when paired with Elvish Archdruid. Not just for the mana but that extra +1+1 boost can put Arbor Elf just out of reach of direct damage removal. It's been mentioned but should be stressed, that untapping a forest leaves that mana available during their turn as opposed to only being able to float one during your turn in response to removal. This could be very important considering the match up and what instants, activated abilities, etc. you have available to cast.
Posted By: S1lent (2/2/2010 5:34:54 PM)


its not mana ability so it can be stopped by some cards
Posted By: SnakeThing (2/17/2010 12:30:10 PM)


I am using this guy in a killer bees deck combined with overgrowth in order to crank out the {g} like a motha ***!

He also allows some insane turn 3 drops, because it ramps you up to 6/7 cmc by then, granted it's easiest in mono green.
Posted By: GooberSnotpants (2/21/2010 1:23:59 AM)


The ravnica lands are the obvious combo, but this also combos with Imperiosaur in a way that Llanowar Elves never could.
Posted By: Eved (3/6/2010 3:14:11 AM)


As of standard today the only card which can stop Arbor Elf's ability and not Llanowar Elves' is Pithing Needle.

Linvala and Ice Cage shuts down both creature's abilities.

Awakener Druid's pet gets an advantage from this card as well as plenty other cards.
Posted By: redcap04 (6/8/2010 1:09:21 PM)


I believe this is almost deffinitly better than llanowar elves. The only reason for running the llanowars is if you are using only nonbasic lands for green sources.

Ravnica duel lands, enchanted lands, the treefolk land from morningtide, ect.
Posted By: wolfbear2 (1/29/2010 10:56:37 AM)