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This guy ispractically a 1/2 for a White mana. He grows larger in size/power for each allies appearing on his side, so what do any of you need to complain for.
Posted By: SorianSadaskan (3/20/2010 9:23:24 PM)


Functionally, He's a 1/2 since he triggers his own ability. Good on turn one, and can be useful for a while after that if you have enough allies for him to trigger with.
Posted By: SoulShatterer (6/28/2010 9:30:46 AM)


Finally, an Ally one-drop.
And even a pretty good one :)
It's a a default 1/2 body which grows to a threatening size during the game when you start your first turn with him, and later it's also an amazingly cheap way to trigger off your Allies' abilities.

Definitely a staple card for Ally decks.
Posted By: Mode (2/3/2010 11:29:57 AM)


Paul Sanders from LRR is ready to kill things.
Posted By: TheLionsMane (5/29/2011 6:52:09 PM)


1/2 for 1 is better than 2/1 for 1 in some situations.
Posted By: Laguz (1/29/2010 12:30:07 PM)


Turn 1: Hada Freeblade
Turn 2: Kazandu Blademaster
Turn 3: Makindi Shieldmate
Turn 4: swing with a 3/4 Freeblade and a 3/3 Blademaster, then during declare blockers drop Join the Ranks, and make a 5/6 Freeblade, a 5/5 Blademaster, and a 3/6 Shieldmate.
Posted By: Arglypuff (2/22/2010 8:44:14 AM)


The 'ally' ability should have been used instead of 'exalted' for the Bant shard.

This one is another semi-useless card like all the exalted cards (with some green hierarch exceptions). And it's a dumb card, so I don't like it.
For me, white weenies shouldn't be neither fast nor large nor come in masses. White creatures should support the 'nearly invincible band of brothers' who aren't really threatening but can win even if outnumbered. Therefore every card should be a specialist for a unique task and every member adds another speciality to the squad and makes it more and more valuable as a team. And therefore the 'ally' ability would fit better to green predators like a pack of wolves.
Posted By: Cheza (3/16/2010 4:36:33 PM)


great card,for near any standard deck that use white

FogRaider: i think you then play VTES,you know,because you want a really strategy game,i love magic,but in all magic history there have been cards like this,and if you hate them,is because you dont know how to play
also vampire deck sucks,because zombies are better and more black than vampires,regardless what a designer saids,vampires were made because of twilight series.
Posted By: Layton (2/17/2010 6:53:20 PM)


they could have made it 0/0...
Posted By: Tezz (5/2/2010 12:25:42 PM)


Disgusting. Simply terrible. It's an abomination- and a Soldier!
Posted By: http404error (2/18/2011 5:54:05 PM)