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I used to use this with Animate Artifact alot, made for a nice, hefty 10/10 creature.
Posted By: RedHawk32 (8/3/2009 8:49:09 PM)


Now if it would cost 4 mana or something, it would be nice... but 10 mana? Bah...
Posted By: majinara (2/7/2009 6:35:49 AM)


Guys, just suspend it with Jhoira of the Ghitu, and then it becomes a cheap card filter!
Posted By: nammertime (8/5/2010 3:10:37 AM)


@ majinara, the ability is actually quite powerful and in all honesty, at even 5 or 6 it would be worth playing in some decks. But I agree, 10 is just too much these days. In fact it was considered too much when I started playing in 1996 XD. However I suppose it does show that even sixteen years ago, it was understood how strong repeatable card advantage is.
Posted By: stygimoloch (11/21/2009 4:20:20 AM)


Seems nice. I only have to now look out for Jafar...
Posted By: Bursama (12/14/2010 10:45:34 AM)


When you see your opponent tap 10 mana, you expect all hell to break loose, like kozilek or similar, and then you see a card filterer...
Yes, you can artifact cheat it into play with oyur broken tinker or master transmuter, but why not just get a darksteel colossus or blightsteel colossus into play?
10CMC utility, buh! At that CMC you should be able to play the card for free.
Posted By: Sironos (4/20/2011 11:06:03 AM)


Instead of casting this artifact, would you rather draw 4, and get a giant creature? Well, too bad, you're stuck with this card.
Posted By: 001010011100101110 (8/25/2011 10:31:38 PM)


Posted By: Ideatog (9/10/2011 2:35:23 AM)


What I don't understand at all is how in the world this and Demonic Tutor were once printed in the same set.
Posted By: JL2736 (12/2/2011 6:01:14 PM)


Soothsaying may be an easier option here. While it doesn't let you put cards away from the top, you can start arranging your library early instead of waiting for 10 mana for the Lamp.
Posted By: Cyberium (12/3/2011 6:22:33 PM)