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Ok, i guess you want to tell us red is NOT the color of instant creature pump, don't you Wizards?

Au revoir Brute Force :'(
Posted By: Niks (2/4/2010 6:24:20 AM)






Wow, I worship worldwake and I can't say anything good about this card.
Posted By: land_comment (3/29/2011 6:53:05 PM)


This is not worse than Aven Trooper or Razor Boomerang!
Come on, I know that Shock and Burst Lightning are usually better, but at least you could pump up a Plague Stinger and deal 2 more poison with this.

This is by no means good, but doesn't deserve a 0.745...
And besides, red was never known for it's pump spells.

Posted By: Fert12334 (4/28/2011 4:28:03 PM)


Really seems like they missed a landfall ability on this, considering there are other instants with landfall for other colours. But then put it on Searing Blaze instead.
Posted By: Nocturno (2/20/2010 4:05:40 PM)


Should have been either +4/+0 or +2/+0 & First strike instead. That wouldn't have been a format-breaking common...
Posted By: Blackworm_Bloodworm (1/31/2011 2:28:55 PM)


Even the bull realizes how bad this is and is crying at the R&D team for being put on such an abomination. In Limited, it's a subpar combo trick, and Vines of Vastwood is dying of laughter at how pathetic this thing is. It can't grant toughness or first strike, which screws over the whole point of doing combat tricks in the first place; I block with a creature that kinda sorta can't survive, then pull my combat trick so my guy lives while your guy dies.

Also, the flavor text can be quoted from someone who was watching the R&D team make this, just saying.
Posted By: DonRoyale (1/29/2010 12:43:24 PM)


What in the unholy name of a-s-s is this?!
Posted By: True_Mumin (2/2/2010 6:38:32 AM)


This card is disgusting crap. It's worse than Shock. This is in the same block as Burst Lightning. Oh, you can play it on a guy with double strike? Like who? Who has double strike in Zendikar limited? This is just jank. It couldn't at least be +3/+0?

Traditionally, +X/+0 effects are costed lower than their burn spell counterparts. Fists of the Anvil hits harder than Incinerate. Balduvian Rage has a cantrip where Blaze doesn't. This one, however, is actually costed higher. Come on, wtf?
Posted By: mutantman (1/29/2010 2:52:02 PM)


it's so bad that.............IT SUCKS!
Posted By: Khultar (1/16/2011 9:44:59 PM)


one mana too expensive for what it is
Posted By: BlueRock (3/6/2011 5:24:29 AM)