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Okay, i just found the coolest way to play this guy. 3 words:


Cast it on this guy, and a copy will come into play, with bonus tokens. Cast a kicked Rite on him, and if you only have 9 lands (the minimum required to kick Rite of Replication) you will get 45 plant tokens. the next land you play, all of them get 6 +1/+1 counters.

Feel free to blither now.
Posted By: DRKLCNS (2/1/2010 11:32:36 AM)


All plants:

- Carnivorous Plant
- Creakwood Ghoul
- Greater Mossdog
- Jungle Barrier
- Khalni Garden
- Lichenthrope
- Mossdog
- Mosstodon
- Phytohydra
- Plant Elemental
- Shambling Shell
- Singing Tree
- Snapping Creeper
- Sprouting Phytohydra
- Svogthos, the Restless Tomb
- Tinder Wall
- Utopia Tree
- Vigean Hydropon
- Vine Trellis
- Vinelasher Kudzu
- Vulturous Zombie
- Wall of Blossoms
- Wall of Brambles
- Wall of Kelp
- Wall of Pine Needles
- Wall of Roots... (see all)
Posted By: Elthan (4/26/2010 7:47:50 AM)


Chump blocker galore in the late game is very nice. A little pricey with a 7 cmc but with green's ability to speed up landfall he isn't all bad.
Posted By: thezanet (2/11/2010 5:34:20 PM)


This is really good and should see more play. I personally think that it's better than Rampaging Baloths. Yes, I know Baloths comes out a turn earlier and is stronger, but this has a much bigger effect. Rampaging Baloths is a lightning rod for removal, and if they take it out right after you play it, it's gone, no tokens. Avenger of Zendikar gives you the tokens right away, so you're hurt less if it's removed. Plus, each land after the Avenger gives at least +7 p/t, instead of the Baloths, which gives you +4. And it's easier to deal with a few 4/4s than several 2/3s, 3/4s, etc. Both of them are really good in a ramp deck though. Both get a 5/5 from me. I love sandbagging active Khalni Heart Expeditionss and then playing this and the Baloths.
Posted By: dudecow (3/23/2010 12:22:27 PM)


i think this will end up in somekind of changeling deck with plants and the like. well if i can get 2 copies of him anyways.
Posted By: wolfv (1/29/2010 3:38:36 PM)


Mimic Vat.Enough Said.
Posted By: Blazer_Dawg (10/7/2010 12:35:39 AM)


He reminds me of the saprolings from ravnica
Posted By: brunsbr103 (1/30/2010 4:19:57 PM)


@ Sanderleet & DonRoyale

You're both missing an important point with that Warp World strategy. Avenger of Zendikar's ability spawns 0/1 plants for every land you control ON THE BATTLEFIELD (before he is "cast") and his landfall ability triggers for every land played after he's ON THE BATTLEFIELD (after he is "cast")

So no, if you Warp World with 10 land and 2 Avenger of Zendikars you do not get 20 Plants with +20/+20 counters. You have to decide after Warp World which order you play the cards you draw in. You can play 5 lands, 2 Avengers, 5 lands to get 10 0/1 Plant creature tokens then add 10 +1/+1 counters to them, or play 2 lands, 2 Avengers, 8 lands to get 2 0/1 Plant creature tokens and add 16 +1/+1 counters to them, or you can mix it up and put 3 lands, 1 Avenger, 7 lands, 1 Avenger to get 3 Plants with 7 +1/+1 counters and 10 0/1's with no counters.

But you can't have all the lands be in play both before, and entering the battlefield after the Av... (see all)
Posted By: FouCapitan (8/10/2010 2:32:51 AM)


Strictly worse than Storm Crow
Posted By: berserkberserker (2/13/2010 10:35:38 PM)


Too Bad This Thing Dies To Removal!
Posted By: MasterOfEfherium (4/24/2011 4:30:50 PM)