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@Skyboatpilot: No.
Posted By: EternalLurker (2/5/2010 3:28:49 PM)


This flavour text reminds me of Lord Vetinari in the book Going Postal.
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (10/3/2011 6:22:49 PM)


Regarding Transform creatures: Enchants affect the face of the card that is face up.

Upon transformation, Brink of Disaster remains on that face of the card that was up, not the Transform/Face that was face down upon Brink of Disaster's cast. The newly transformed creature is not affected by Brink of Disaster.
EG: P1's Brink of Disaster -> P2's Ludevic's Test Subject.
P2 pays 1U x 5 to transform Ludefic's Test Subject to Ludevic's Abomination.
P1's Brink of Disaster remains on P2's Ludevic's Test Subject, not P2's Ludevic's Abomination.
P2 is capable of swinging with Ludevic's Abomination without being destroyed by P1's Brink of Disaster.

2/5 Has potential but not worth the slot.
Posted By: monstersexist (11/28/2011 10:38:15 PM)


The only interesting thing about this card to me is that some sort of legendary or Planeswalker is quoted on it. One that hasn't been made a card. Since I'm unfamilar with the lore, it's a spoiler to the next set already lol.
Posted By: Khias (1/29/2010 11:14:35 PM)


That's not the point, Axer. Enchantments can take out things with shroud, I think
Posted By: Skyboatpilot (2/3/2010 11:37:17 AM)


It's weird seeing the word "disaster" on a card that's not red.
Posted By: Kirbster (10/10/2013 12:14:25 PM)