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Umm...wolfbear, any card is a doomblade target. If the fact that a card can be doombladed would make it bad, then there would only be only 6 creatures in standard that are playable.
And so what? Fleeting distraction does nothing for you. Statistically, it has a 1/5 chance of saving your behind, and so what if it cantrips? I know this sort of card, and half the time you play it, you're only playing it to draw. And that's actually quite a bad deal, when you could run something you would actually want to play, or something more useful that can cantrip as well, like preordain or spreading seas.

I don't necessarily expect to see much of this card in standard tournaments, but I don't expect to see Fleeting Distraction AT ALL. And I never see doomblade in standard. It might see more play now that Alara and Terminate are gone, but even so, it still would be used by the time this sees play.

That, and this is not mythic. WHICH IS AWESOME, because mythic is the most IDIOTIC concept Wizards had... (see all)
Posted By: UltimaCenturion (7/12/2010 10:38:23 AM)


I wish I had this card so much. I build white decks more than any other deck, and I would definitely throw this in every single one as a finisher.
Posted By: redsoxftw (3/14/2011 1:29:50 PM)


This is a very interesting card, it is as far as I'm concerned, a counter white white - white is all about protection soldiers, etc having a large/strong force, alongside ways to protect them and gain life. To that exent it counters white. Yet at the same time it tremendously helps defenders giving them the advantage of spells, so I'm not quite sure what to think of this card.
Posted By: Just1Micky (4/23/2011 6:32:46 AM)


Definately an intimidating card, that's a give in. But, it has a hefty cost and I find myself having to wait a few turns (usually 5-7) after I draw it, to actually play it. They should make a similiar card, but with a lower mana cost. Am I right?
Posted By: jakeface94 (9/6/2010 2:40:50 PM)


Hey Moemar. "This turn" refers to the current turn, regardless if it's your turn or an opponents. Say you play this during your turn, your oppenent can't cast creature spells most likely this turn anyway so he can still use instants and what not but then you end your turn. Now "This turn" refers to your opponents turn and they will have to decide between dropping a creature or two or setting up an enchantment and casting sorceries. This dilemia will hopefully occur repeatedlly, slowing down pretty much any offense. If they swarm then they can't buff. It means most combos will require two or more turns instead of devasting you in one. If your end game is tight then a few of these could easily turn a close game into walkover.

Still, I agree on seeing this effect in an enchantment form.
Posted By: Dib-Man (12/9/2010 1:49:18 AM)


This card would be soooo much better if its cmc wasn't so outrageously high :(
Posted By: Troutz (8/14/2010 11:20:24 PM)


Strictly better than Fleeting Distraction.

@wolfbear2 lol
Posted By: n00bmag1 (7/9/2010 10:53:30 AM)


Why does she only have one leg?
Posted By: ifightlikerocklee (9/2/2010 5:27:10 PM)


@ n00bmag1: How is this stricktly better than Fleeting Distraction? Different colors, different card types, different effects. Plus, Fleets cantrips and cost only ONE MANA, clearly it's better than this 7 mana Doomblade target.
Posted By: wolfbear2 (7/8/2010 4:44:58 PM)


Too Bad This Thing Dies To Removal!
Posted By: MasterOfEfherium (4/24/2011 4:28:45 PM)