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I think this thing's ability is more like firebreathing than the ability dubbed "firebreathing." It's like spraying a swath of flames over the opponent's creatures. Very flavorful, if you ask me.
Posted By: CJM2 (7/13/2010 6:21:00 AM)


Look at that tremendous blazing gout of fiery death! Flee! Flee for your lives children!
Posted By: Wraique (7/8/2010 11:06:26 PM)


What's that? I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome my dragon is while it's destroying your blockers.

Anyways, I think I'd rather have this than flameblast, I mean flameblast is good but this can target more than one creature, so it can take out many smaller creatures, or one big creature that could block the hellkite, in which case ancient hellkite would do 6 damage to the player anyway. I just prefer the versatility this card offers, instead of "you get to cast a single-target fireball, have fun"

Also, as some have said, if you slap a basilisk collar on this thing, it can wreak absolute havoc on your opponents creatures. Lets see flameblast clear the battlefield for Red per creature!
Posted By: IshubarashI (8/7/2010 7:17:34 AM)


Ridiculously amazing art, and a decent card as well.
Posted By: GruesomeGoo (7/9/2010 8:20:22 PM)


I love the artwork and I guess the balance between stats and cost are fairly decent too.
Posted By: Conanon (4/22/2011 1:32:09 PM)


@MOE: This guy IS removal.
Posted By: blindthrall (7/7/2011 9:34:11 AM)


way better than the old manticores that had to tap for this ability
Posted By: CommanderCondor89 (7/8/2010 12:18:19 PM)


It's an alright dragon. If your opponent has lots of small creatures it can be pretty good. If your opponent plays some kind of control or combo deck though, that has few to no creatures, then this is just a 6/6 for 7, and in that case shivan dragon and the normal firebreathers would be far better.
Posted By: majinara (7/9/2010 7:34:34 PM)


Give me back Shivan Dragon.
Posted By: schacher (7/11/2010 2:08:27 PM)


This card is really gd, but Duskdale Wurm, which is a 7/7, is a way better card. It even has trample.
Posted By: Pokemon3DS (3/5/2012 10:14:06 AM)