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Yeah, definitely Pyrohemia.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (5/7/2011 5:29:16 AM)


All I have to say is that Gelectrode and Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind are very happy to have her in my deck
Posted By: Breaker_Ki (4/11/2011 6:55:42 AM)


reminds me of kiln fiend, with flying and 1 more toughness (the latter is largely irrelevant) for 1 more mana. The only difference is when you use kiln fiend you burn their creatures and swing for a billion, while with this you burn the player and swing for a billion.
Posted By: mdakw576 (7/8/2010 5:00:45 PM)


T1: Swamp + Kederekt Parasite
T2: Mountain + Liliana's Caress
T3: Mountain + Chandra's Spitfire
T4: Land + Blightning + Burning Inquiry

Let's see:
Kederekt: 3x 1 damage (drew 3 cards)
Blightning: 3 damage
Liliana's Caress: 5x 2 life lost (discarded 5 cards)
Chandra's Spitfire: 13/3 flier ready to rock.

So, you've sucked 16 life points out of your opponent and they're staring down the barrel of a 13/3 monstrosity ready to attack. Not bad! Oh, and if you cite the venerability of this layout to Lightning Bolt in any sort of response to this post, I will come to your house and smother you in your sleep.
Posted By: altheuser (7/28/2010 4:59:45 PM)


If this were common, red would be crazy in limited. They already have act of treason in common.
Posted By: roqbthepirate (7/12/2010 6:27:58 AM)


I used to enjoy my red tim deck. Then I saw this card, and managed to make room. Now my tim deck is a spitfire deck. This kills so much faster. This card eclipsed the deck. It is WAY too powerful in multiplayer, because of cards like Violent Eruption. With a third turn Spitfire, and a fourth turn eruption, I have done 17 total damage, including 14 to whichever opponent couldn't put up flying defense. This deck isn't much fun to play, though the win percentage is very high in my meta-game. Everyone grumbles with it comes out. If I play tims without the spitfire, I am disappointed in how weak it is in comparison. If my opponent has a bad draw and can't take care of this card, it is very likely that he is dead on turn four or five, and I was just playing solitaire.
Posted By: kiseki (12/30/2010 12:20:09 PM)


The red aggro Kiln Fiend
Posted By: Superllama12 (2/8/2011 5:54:43 PM)


Chandra's spitfire and Arc Trail is like chocolate and peanut butter. the perfecet combination
Posted By: BoltBoomBurn (1/1/2011 10:24:16 AM)


this is just plain cruel if you manage to get away with it.
Posted By: nineyears (7/17/2010 2:59:09 PM)


Would Chandra's Spitfire pump up twice if I used two events to do damage to the same person? Example: 2 player game, I use two pyromancers to do 2 damage to my opponent or a pyromancer and a lightning bolt, would spitfire get pumped up twice?
Posted By: sublimeinnc (1/2/2011 10:07:18 AM)