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Hello Force of Savagery.
Posted By: LiXinjian (7/19/2010 7:08:06 PM)


A very underrated card. This card, unlike many of the other leylines actually stack when there are multiple copies. Second, this can stabilize the player's life early on in the game, giving him a buffer room so that it's much easier to maneuver. Also this card can be used with Ooze Garden for an awesome effect:

Turn 0: Leyline
Turn 1: Forest, Llanwar Elves/Birds/Arbor Elf
Turn 2: Forest, Force of Savagery
Turn 3: Forest, Ooze Garden, Ooze Force of Savagery into an 8/9.
Turn 4: Forest, Smash for 8, play another creature (such as Garruk's Companion or Groundbreaker) and ooze that too.

Rinse and repeat.

Up to turn 3, this happens almost every game in my Ooze Aggro deck.

This card deserves at least a 4 overall. I'm giving it a 5/5.
Posted By: Larbness (11/15/2010 9:59:46 PM)


Fun in casual, but definitely the worst of the latest cycle of Leylines. This does very little to disrupt your opponent's strategy. The other leylines, sideboarded in against key decks can completely destroy your opponent's strategy.
Posted By: Nagoragama (10/9/2010 5:54:05 PM)


I see this working in a jank GW lifegain deck. Using Serra Ascendent, Ajani's Pridemate and this.

Turn 0 - Leyline of Vitality
Turn 1 - SA for a 1/2 (21)
Turn 2 - AP 3/4 (22), SA attacks AP turns into 4/5 (23 life)

Not terrible...?
Getting a 4/5 for 2, turn 2 could be ok.
Posted By: Catmurderer (7/8/2010 11:50:17 PM)


I like this for casual.
G/W Kitchen Finks/Heartmender deck would be good fun.
RDW hoser for monogreen that works about as well as the white one, due to the massive amount of played creatures. tho this can't stop door to nothingness :(
Still, the +1 toughness actually does make a difference. Revenge stomps baneslayer with this out.
Posted By: Glumble (7/24/2010 7:33:44 PM)


I know of 2 different hard lock combos that this serves a purpose in, so you've gotta give it credit there. Plus while 1 toughness may seem negligible, in play it really isn't. Asumming bowth you and you opponent have the same power to cost ratio's things that would once be trades are now just wins. And while an 8/9 that gives you one life may not seem that much better than a 8/8, but 10 1/2's that grant you one life each is a great deal better than 10 1/1's. Its obviosly ment for a swarm, but it's really quire useful in the play field, at the very least in casual.
Posted By: bijart_dauth (2/28/2011 7:41:45 PM)


this card is beast with elves in ur deck
Posted By: DarwinianMaster (3/6/2011 3:28:27 PM)


This isn't a bad card, but it gets a bad rep because it's not as 'flashy' as the rest of the cycle.

The thing to consider with the leylines is that they're all meant to be silver bullets.
Tom Lapille mentioned in one of his columns was the intent for the cycle to be used to force decks with linear strategies to fight on normal conditions once again.

In this case, this card acts in much the same vein as Leyline of Sanctity in that it hoses red decks in particular.
Higher toughness makes it harder for Ball Lightning, Hell's Thunder, and Hellspark Elemental to take your life total down.
And the life gain on top of that makes winning for them all but impossible.

Very well designed card overall.

Also of interest, the entire cycle is based of one of the artworks for a basic land in the set.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (7/10/2010 9:36:14 AM)


The synergy with Mitotic Slime amuses me.
Posted By: Artscrafter (7/12/2010 11:17:18 AM)


Funny how this card gets dismissed over the other Leylines, probably for having life gain. Life gain is USEFUL people! Just think of it as control vs burn that can stack with other effects that turn life gain into something more, however in this instance red players would be running Leyline of Punishment so that is unfortunate. As for the other effect, +1 toughness is good for creatures like Fauna Shaman, Garruk's Companion, Sacred Wolf, Birds of Paradise, Lotus Cobra, Awakener Druid, Elvish Archdruid and wolf tokens that are all vulnerable to Pyroclasm and Infest-like effects. Plus as others like OutlawD1 have mentioned it is the only one in the Leyline cycle that can stack with itself. Mitiotic Slime is of course brilliant with it as Artscrafter pointed out.

Overall this is a ... (see all)
Posted By: Stray_Dog (7/20/2010 7:56:24 PM)


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