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This works better than you would think in a kiln fiend/ spitfire deck. You knock out a blocker/fatty with the 4 damage, and pump your elementals with the player damage and swing. It's expensive because it normally works as a 2 for 1.
Posted By: Fumi (10/7/2010 5:21:49 AM)


Why put this into a Burn deck?

Well, lets just say you play some deck that works on protection, Leyline of Sanctity, protection from colors that sort of thing, and you direly need to do damage to player and they got the Leyline out.

Get rid of protection - "Damage cannot be prevented" like Unstable footing, Leyline of Punishment.
Flame Servant - Double the damage given out - get all 4 of them out if you can
This card - it doesn't target the player so thus damage goes through wether or not they got Leyline of Sanctity out - it only "cares" about the creature.

Sit back, relax and watch your opponent sweat when you play it. Priceless. Awesome card in a burn deck, and doesn't target a player to do player damage.

mdakw576 and Eternal_Blue just doesn't see the potential for this card lol
Posted By: Biteybiteybitey (10/10/2010 2:31:31 PM)


So this is why Snapping Drake didn't get reprinted in M11...
Posted By: Volcre (7/25/2010 9:47:19 AM)


It adds versatility to the options burn decks have and that is a good thing. Not everyone or every deck is going to want to play this but it holds a specific niche - removing a blocker/trouble creature that has a toughness of 4 and keeping the pressure on that 20 sided dice. Depending on what the meta looks like, 4 could be the magic number to shine a light on this card.

We've all been in the situation where a burn deck resorts to burning a spell to take out a defender or attacker instead of keeping up the pressure, cards like this make decisions like that a little easier by allowing you to do both.
Posted By: Temple_Garden (7/10/2010 1:37:50 PM)


@mdakw576: Because it's less situational and/or it fits your curve better.
Posted By: boneclub (7/10/2010 1:30:38 AM)


"Take a crappy burn spell that no one ever cared for (Lightning Blast)..."

@scumbling1: what are you talking about? Lightning Blast was quite played in its days, and in Invasion/Odyssey, when Shock was the standard. However,your speech is so hilarious!

When I saw this card I thought that it was quite appealing, but overall isn't that special. I think that I would play Lightning Blast, because it can deals 4 directly at the opponent, even if there aren't any creature in the battelfield...

Posted By: leomistico (4/28/2011 12:38:40 PM)


Ahh! The card that adds insult to injury.
Posted By: Conanon (4/22/2011 1:28:47 PM)


Take that, Snapping Drake.
Posted By: OMFGrhombus (7/22/2010 9:56:37 PM)


Bad in constructed, but absolutely house in limited.

Was never unhappy to see this.
Posted By: LTJZamboni (7/10/2010 7:19:57 AM)


Why would you run this over searing blaze? You're paying 2 more mana for no landfall requirement, which is generally silly with fetchlands around. If you're worried about killing 4 toughness creatures, use flame slash. I'll gladly take 3 less mana over instant speed and 2 damage to player.

mdakw576 and Eternal_Blue just doesn't see the potential for this card lol

Apparently none of the pros do either. Do a quick search on magic.tcgplayer.com for deck lists that have won tournaments and you'll find that NONE of them have used this card, only people who have submitted janky budget deck lists.

If a RDW player is scared of leyline of sanctity pwning him, he'll run artifacts that go around it (e.g. masticore) or deal with it (e.g. ratchet bomb). Since the leyline doesn't stop creatures either, they can simply overwhelm with creatures like they normally do. The burns in fact are usually to blow up enemy creatures so their goblin guides and kargans and whatnot can get in, and the b... (see all)
Posted By: mdakw576 (12/12/2010 4:49:18 AM)