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Leyline of Punishment - Red-White Decks cheer!!
Posted By: Jake1991 (7/8/2010 4:45:53 PM)


I actually find it worse than path.. having to wait for something to attack is really bad. Like oh I'll just wait for my opponents ulamog to attack and then have to sac 4, and then even when I remove it my opponent gains 10 life. It's also lame for walls, and anything that doesn't attack but instead just acts as a barrier. If your opponent has liliana or other such cards then it sometimes just turns into an oust. I mean its hard to say a card that puts a creature back into a library is bad, since its not, but its no path to exile. Since the landfall set is done path is actually a lot better. I can't help feeling I would have preferred a functional reprint of the mode on bant charm that puts target creature on bottom of opponents library for 3 mana.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (7/19/2010 4:18:54 PM)


Still too good for white.

Of course it's similar in it's ineffectiveness to a sorcery destruction, since you won't be able to kill any utility creature, but that is exactly one reason, why I don't like it... especially in white. This would be quite fine as a green removal, if R&D would allow green to have some sort of control too.

In general, if R&D really wants Magic to be a game, where two planeswalker fight each other and where a demon fights Angels, they should stop printing low cmc destruction spell. Where is the problem with an increase of the mana cost of Path to Exile up to three mana??? Still good against huge game winners, mediocre against the usual mid-game beasts and thankfully a waste of ammo against weenies.
Posted By: Cheza (8/8/2010 5:48:02 AM)


I would have much rather have seen Path to Exile. I hope they will put Path in 2012 and begin to alternate the two between Core Sets.
Posted By: UNBAN_SHAHRAZAD (7/8/2010 6:29:48 PM)


help!! my teenager and i are having issues!! the Condemn card reads "put target attacking createure on the bottom of it's owner's library. its controller gains life equal to its toughness.

WHO gains the life. Me the card owner (and my interpretation of its controller)

or the rotten teenager (who thinks that "its controller" is talking about the attacking card)

thank you all for your help
Posted By: tonyapagansocwrkr (12/20/2010 6:26:43 PM)


This is also great in EDH, since you can get rid of an enemy general almost permanently (if it's the sort of thing that would be attacking). And what's another few life, when you're starting at 40, and when you've just crippled their deck?
Posted By: sonorhC (10/21/2011 5:10:32 PM)


Yay, a much more fair cheapo instant white removal.
Posted By: n00bmag1 (7/26/2010 6:48:30 AM)


If it would at least exile it instead of putting on bottom it would be better
Posted By: KyoDarkFire (9/28/2010 10:48:17 PM)


If any eldrazi with anhilator (except Emrakul) attacked me can i use this in response of the anhilator so I don't have to sacrifice?
Posted By: 1919 (11/5/2010 5:53:48 AM)


@1919 No. Once the Eldrazi is declared as attacking, the Annihilator trigger goes on the stack, irrevocably.
Posted By: ImpliedQuotient (11/11/2010 1:26:37 PM)