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I hate turbo land.
It is so boring to play against.
Four, straight to my side board.
Posted By: SIlverSkyz (9/23/2010 6:05:34 PM)


You'd think this would be printed in Zendikar block.

Also, Path to Exile.
Posted By: Axelle (5/8/2011 7:49:18 PM)



Rule 603.6a reads, in part: "Each time an event puts one or more permanents onto the battlefield, all permanents on the battlefield (including the newcomers) are checked for any enters-the-battlefield triggers that match the event."

So, if Tunnel Ignus and Realm Razer are on the battlefield, and the Razer leaves, its leave-the-battlefield triggered ability triggers and eventually resolves, causing an event which puts all the lands it originally exiled onto the battlefield.

At this point, all permanents on the battlefield are check for triggers. The Ignus sees lands entering the battlefied under an opponent's control, and, since its triggered ability has an intervening-if clause, we immediately check that to see whether the ability triggers. The Ignus asks, when checking the ability possibly triggered by Land A entering the battlefield, "Has another land entered the battlefield under the control of you controller this turn?" Land A l... (see all)
Posted By: gos (10/14/2010 4:48:49 AM)


Anti-Primeval Titan. Figures the titan's ability had to be optional..
Posted By: Minus_Prime (9/24/2010 11:49:09 AM)


Tunnel Ignus? Sexual innuendo? I don't get it. Surely you can't think it's phonetically similar to '***'. Someone explain this to me :P

@ Leshrac_Nightwalker: Tunnel Ignus was the first rare I pulled at prerelease sealed draft. I ended up building three completely different decks. Got shafted hard >.<

Edit: Tunnel Ignus was also the rare I pulled in my first booster, in my first game of booster draft. Tunnel Ignus, I appreciate that you have a place in some sideboards, and you combo nicely with a couple of cards, BUT YOU ARE UNPLAYABLE IN LIMITED PLEASE GET AWAY FROM ME I WILL NEVER LOVE YOU.
Posted By: Wraique (12/20/2010 1:33:36 AM)


I don't understand the people hating on the card. Not every rare will be a very splash effect. This is a 2/1 for 1R which is already good enough to see play in aggresive Red decks in many Standard formats - the ability is actually really nice against the decks Red decks usually have problems against. Really nice card, does what it does well.
Posted By: da-odd-templar (10/1/2010 9:32:19 AM)


For those people who hate green player that constantly mana ramping
Posted By: stratoscythe (9/24/2010 2:07:12 AM)


"Is it just me or does Tunnel Ignus sound dirty?"

"Well, kind of, let me put it like this: What if they made a card called Melatio Elemental."
Posted By: ss4_link (10/3/2010 2:17:08 AM)


Wizards is pushing it with the innuendo here...
Posted By: agentdynamo (9/28/2010 12:28:33 PM)


Valakut was getting it good in this set... Might as well put in a great hoser. Even better in legacy for punishing fetchlands.
Posted By: WhiteyMcFly (9/24/2010 6:41:23 PM)