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one of my favorite black cards to date. tough body. pure black. moar hurty. 5/5.
Posted By: Swordfishtrombones (8/26/2010 1:04:39 AM)


If you get lucky, you can summon him on your 1st turn.
Phyrexian Negator + 1 Swamp + Dark Ritual.
Good stuff.
Overall this guy is what Black is all about. Paying the cost for greatness!!
Posted By: AXER (7/23/2010 5:16:04 PM)


I refuse to be part of the cult of this absolutely ridiculous card.
Posted By: ROBRAM89 (12/19/2010 9:41:41 PM)


Classic card, but I don't like the new art very much. Whereas the old Negator looked like he was prepared to rip the hearts out of every organic being in his path, this one looks like he just stepped outside after sleeping off a wild night and the sunlight is killing him.

He also looks way too fleshy and organic.
Posted By: Raeoran (5/17/2010 7:54:19 PM)


Did he came out of a Monsters Inc. sequel? Really bad art... first one was scary!
Posted By: LeoKula (6/17/2010 8:33:27 AM)


because its a 5/5 for three.
You're not supposed to play this maindeck.
You keep it in your sideboard, and if you run up against any control or combo decks with limited blocking or burning capabilities, this just destroys them.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (5/14/2010 3:52:22 PM)


Imagine hitting this with a kicked Urza's Rage in the new duel decks.

Having to sacrifice that many permanents would be more valuable to the Coalition player than doing 10 direct damage to the opposing player, depending on what permanents the Phyrexian player had out.
Posted By: Ezenthar (4/25/2010 4:43:43 PM)


As far as a Phyrexian "evolution" is concerned,
This guy precedes a Phyrexian Obliterator.
And let me tell you, it's worth the wait.
Posted By: infernox10 (4/25/2011 12:12:55 AM)


This card is on the reserved list (not supposed to be reprinted ever again). A card that is printed outside of a 'real' set doesn't count? The art is different, so the one from Urza's Destiny should still retain whatever value it had, but it still feels a little odd (if this is par for the course and a precedent has already been set, someone let me know please).

Not that I'd be opposed to owning a legitimate playset of Black Lotus ;)

Edit: Oh. Nevermind. Foil loophole. FOIL black lotus then.
Posted By: Wraique (4/6/2010 3:19:40 AM)


recent power creep made it worthless. Damn Wizards, what you doing?
Posted By: Aun (1/18/2011 4:04:21 AM)