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Whispering Specter's older brother.
Posted By: Deco_y (6/14/2011 3:11:13 PM)


I don't like this cycle of cards that can be sacrificed for effect if they hit someone. It just leads to unfun decisions. If you can hit someone with it, you are winning and should continue to attack with it. If you can't hit someone with it, than you want the card draw so you can be winning. A very counter intuitive card.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (4/28/2011 9:54:25 PM)


good in limited?
Posted By: PhyrexianFailure (4/28/2011 4:22:45 PM)


ooooooooooooooooo SEXY
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (4/29/2011 1:07:21 PM)


Could've been draw 3 without sacrifice and it probably still won't replace Jace. Or maybe it might.
Posted By: Gabriel422 (4/30/2011 7:39:14 PM)


I agree with Tommy, this cycle sucks. Creatures you can only sac when you need them and don't want to sac are as fun and useful as a solar submarine. This set got a huge amount of crappy and unfun cards.
Even though this is good in limited, I give it 0.5 of 5, because I despise this mechanic. Even the "sacrifice only during your upkeep" creatures are more useful, from Kamigawa.
Posted By: majinara (5/3/2011 12:07:18 PM)


4 mana for three cards or three damage in blue is just fine. Maybe getting both just feels good.
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (4/30/2011 11:25:00 AM)


This card was pretty awesome in Sealed Deck. Whenever I played him, I treated him like something that next turn would get me 3 damage and a Concentrate. That strategy worked pretty well, especially since my opponents had a lack of flyers. One time I sacced him, and I was like "Draw...Plains, Island...oh, Venser, the Sojourner. Nice."
Posted By: ElMikkino (5/8/2011 6:11:25 PM)


Kind of Jace's Ingenuity (aka, prerigged Mind Spring) with strange restrictions. I'd kind of rather play the Ingenuity for 1 more.
Posted By: DeathDark (5/10/2011 8:44:29 PM)


This on a Mimic Vat. 3 mana for 3 damage and 3 cards per turn.
Posted By: danth78 (5/11/2011 10:32:43 PM)


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