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With Birthing Pod being one of the best sac outlets in standard right now, I wouldn't be surprised to see this in a deck alongside the just spoiled Reaper of the Abyss. It'll basically cause him to be a new titan - except his titan ability will be DESTROY TARGET CREATURE. That's just insanely good.
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (8/30/2011 2:23:57 PM)


I must rub it in all of your faces - this card is a HUGE force in standard ATM.
Posted By: FogRaider (9/5/2011 3:15:10 PM)


Clearly this card is a powerhouse in competitive yet i also feel it has a place in casual- it has its limitations (by the required converted mana cost of the creature it is able to select) and the prospect of risk (loss of life, though minimal it adds up) with a functional and efficient cost and ability which also makes it a target for destruction- It has all the qualities a fair and fun card should have which is what makes it such a joy to play.

Truly balanced in my assessment and makes good use of Phyrexian mana- perhaps the only one that does...

5/5. Keep making us happy Wizards.
Posted By: Tsuichoi (10/28/2011 7:33:13 PM)


i can change the colour of my sanctuary cat to black cat
i NEED for my lol cats standard deck.

....with elesh norn
Posted By: Mr.Freshness-Timmy (2/18/2012 6:35:03 PM)


Green gets some cool toys in this set :)
Posted By: Stray_Dog (5/2/2011 3:37:55 AM)


All hail the Great Lord Egotist!
Posted By: dlgn (6/6/2012 8:05:16 AM)


Aside from how everyone is yelling about the egotist.. you really need to read this card. It's not very good. Remember ooze garden? Sac. a creature, put an equivalent ooze into play, and people found some ways to continously use it or make those oozes bigger.. but like that card, this one has all the same weaknesses and is the same reason it wont see heavy play.

For starters you can't do this as an instant. It would be best if you could sac a creature to it in the middle of a removal spell, which you can't. Secondly it costs at least 3 mana if you are willing to pay the 2 life, so you are not even playing it until you probably out cmc 4 cost creatures. Following that up, you then need multiples of each type of creature at each cmc to hit them in good numbers. Then you are really replacing the creature you had with another one, and when was the last time any 1 creature dominated a board so much that it won you the game? The days of simic skyswallower are long gone. It will ... (see all)
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (5/2/2011 12:23:49 PM)


Pod decks may very well take a big hit with Innistrad. Yeah, Scars-oriented strategies will be more powerful because of Innistrad's power seep, but R&D seemed to notice that and littered the set with Scars block hosers in pretty much every color.

I really doubt it's the end of Pod, but it should put the deck through its paces. This is one to keep your eye on in the coming months.
Posted By: Lyoncet (9/19/2011 9:58:19 PM)


It's been mentioned here, but definitely worth repeating... undying! Here's my chain...

1 - Young Wolf
2 - Strangleroot Geist
3 - Pyreheart Wolf
4 - Lumberknot
5 - Vorapede
6 - Flayer of the Hatebound

Just be sure to run some Naturalize or Beast Within to take care of those pesky Grafdigger's Cages.
Posted By: Mentis_Materiei (5/14/2012 5:22:42 PM)


Might be used in some combo decks , but will get hated out of the meta.
Posted By: healingbolt (4/28/2011 4:46:50 PM)