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they should reprint this.
Posted By: dragonking987 (3/7/2011 6:33:03 PM)


The new artwork looks so awesome, and I'm totally agreeing with the others on this one - it's nice that we get two of these in the set.
Having an updated version of the rules text is another thing to be happy about. Good job Wizards! :D
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (9/8/2010 12:52:46 PM)


Powerful, useful, cheap, and flavorful.

A staple card in any format it can be put into.
Posted By: Evermint (9/11/2010 7:29:45 PM)


@thrallallmighty: Path to Exile is usually NOT better. Land advantage gives the opponent a much greater advantage than life gain. You could choose to exile one of your own creatures if you desperately need land or are running a mana ramp deck, but otherwise, Swords to Plowshares is the real deal.
Posted By: Keiya (9/29/2010 8:27:38 PM)


what a wonderful art and flavor text for such a staple... my eyes are shining in glory...
Posted By: TheHappyReaper (11/8/2010 12:53:17 PM)


Love the new art on this card, and like always the biblical reference on its name ;)
Posted By: KyoDarkFire (10/3/2010 9:34:46 PM)


The art is good, but an ancient card like this likes to have the old art style better in my opinion. Terese Nielsen is good enough so that people will desire these copies though.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (5/1/2011 3:23:57 PM)


Hello ladies.

Look at your man.
Now back to me.
Now back to your man.
Now back to me.

Sadly, he isn't me.
But if he stopped using lady-scented bodywash and switched to Old Spice he could smell like he's me...

Look down.
Back up.
Where are you?
With the man your man could smell like.

What's in your hand?
Back at me.
It's two tickets to that thing you love!
Look again;

Anything is possible when your man smells like Old Spice and not a lady.

I'm on a horse.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (9/10/2010 8:01:43 PM)


Mwahahaha!!! Take that Wall of Frost! No more freezing my creatures with your big 7 toughness body!
Posted By: divine_exodus (11/23/2010 7:24:02 PM)


@Polychromatic: because white is white. It does not destroy, because destruction would be as violent as direct damage that red likes to do. No. White just removes the problem and puts it in another plane of existence.

Flawor wise...Why it gives life points, I do not know. Maybe to balance out the ridiculously low casting cost, but I just do not see how field plowing Zombies would give life to their overlord.
Posted By: PEGU (8/25/2011 7:21:26 PM)