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Again, an odd concept. The cost and effect seems to imply a place in a small-creature green-white human weenie deck (even from a flavour point of view). However, in such a deck there are usually better cards to put down than essentially a grizzly's worth of counters.

The flashback is nice and fairly costed, however, and this is where I see it getting the most use. Putting four +1/+1 counters on up to four creatures might be a good way to break a turn six or seven stalemate. It's a pity it's a sorcery; as an instant it would have been very playable.
Posted By: Wulfsten (9/24/2011 3:34:22 AM)


shotoku....lol. but seriously folks, if you want REAL sideboard tech against Undying,

Oblivion Ring gets the job done clean and consistent every time. Works on non-creature artifacts AND Planeswalkers too. Ring is just the best spot removal there is, period.
Posted By: DarthParallax (3/2/2012 12:27:19 PM)


first ima prey upon your lords of the unreal, then ima make sure your illusions are prepared. oh wait, where'd they go?
Posted By: Uhhsam (10/4/2011 6:16:35 PM)


This card is nice, even if not so good.
+1/+1 counters are never bad, they remain where they are.
Moreover, this can also prevent immortal creatures from "regenerating".
Posted By: Paolino (1/12/2012 3:55:04 AM)


Make sure you dont put this on young wolf unless it already died. If your opponent has undying creatures, put counters on them and then use your removal spell so they wont come back
Posted By: Alex343 (2/19/2012 1:52:41 AM)


Sideboard material vs undying XD
Just for fun of course... but still
Posted By: shotoku64 (2/23/2012 9:36:21 PM)


I love using this card on creatures with Livewire Lash
Posted By: wadprime (4/18/2012 8:56:57 AM)


You know this is really tempting me to build that BWG corpsejack menace deck I've been toying with.
Posted By: TPmanW (10/2/2012 9:54:57 PM)


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