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Now if he had Flash...
I would probably die laughing.
Posted By: roguepariah (9/24/2011 9:03:04 AM)


Agreed that this card is zero fun to play against, Almost worst than infinite combo decks.

However if this thing had Shroud rather than Hexproof, it would be a lot better
Posted By: feedbacker (10/26/2013 9:06:35 AM)


Oh look, a better Silhana Ledgewalker. What were they thinking?
Posted By: BarryOgg (9/22/2011 5:36:00 PM)


Oh yes, because the last thing we needed was an unblockable, unkillable god damned platform for every shenanigan in the books.
*Sighs* *** Wizards...
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (3/29/2012 9:38:08 AM)


Why did they make this a Rogue!?


When making decisions for my U/B Rogue deck, I had a tough time deciding what I should play on turn two. Should I play Inkfathom Infiltrator or Looter il-Kor? Perhaps suspending Infiltrator il-Kor would be better?

But this... This just makes it too easy. And I thought Blighted Agent was crazy, but at least that can be targeted...

This is one of those few times where rating this a 5/5 gives a bad taste in your mouth.
Posted By: dberry02 (10/13/2011 3:36:57 AM)


I dislike this card. It's not fun to play against at all, and as I play Magic FOR FUN with my friends, I don't believe he'll ever see play in one of my games.
Since I first saw it, I've been of the opinion that it should have had shroud instead of hexproof. It still would have been good, but not as stupidly hard to get rid of.
Posted By: Knick_Knack (11/5/2011 11:28:16 AM)


It's the Invisible Man.
Posted By: Jake1991 (9/22/2011 3:33:19 PM)


Holds swords like a champ
Posted By: faisjdas (9/22/2011 3:51:36 PM)


Hexproof is an awful, awful ability from a game design standpoint. You play this card and it's either completely useless or a guaranteed win, depending on if you draw the equipment you need to go along with it. Especially in Limited, where you'll rarely have something that can get around Hexproof. An ability that makes a card swing from the extreme of uselessness to the extreme of insanely good, but never anywhere inbetween, is just dumb, and generally unfun.
Posted By: Henrietta (12/21/2011 6:44:41 AM)


At pre-release this guy hit the table 4 times. He went 4-0, and really didn't need much help from the deck. Curiosity, Butcher's Cleaver were in my deck. What win condition will you be drafting him with?

Expect this to be a first pick in every match. Just makes so many cards in this set absurdly good, and just ends games on second turn. Amazing card, amazingly powerful in any format, and I can tell you run it for the human tribe in limited, absolute 5/5.
Posted By: SeiberTross (9/25/2011 12:13:35 AM)