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The effect is so good I run it in my changeling EDH deck. Lords are usually color intensive and don't stack well but this guy shatters that rule.
Posted By: TPmanW (12/20/2010 5:24:51 PM)


lol the one card war report would have a vastly different flavor text with two of these a pallidum myr and a myr propagator on the battlefield :)
Posted By: calibir (8/9/2011 12:19:41 AM)


Myr Galvanizer, Palladium Myr, Splinter Twin.

Yes, I'd like to order infinite infinite/infinite hasted myrs, with a side of infinite mana.
Posted By: StaberFire (9/25/2010 8:39:22 AM)


I can see how much he is hated. I had an opening hand with three of that creature. However, whenever I would play one, my opponent would Lightning Bolt it (or use a similar card). He destroyed all three of them, then I put a Myr Reservoir. I got one Galvanizer back in play, then he kills it again and use an enchant card to prevent me from returning the Galvanizer to my hand. When I got my second Myr Reservoir out, he was out of damage spells.

At least, all those 4 direct damage spells were not directed to me, it's a great bait. I never got to use the inifinite mana combo, but I still killed him with my Myr Battlesphere.

Anyway, I feel it would be so much more balanced if its ability would cost much more mana. This kind of ability should cost at least 5 mana, and considered the high ammount of mana Myrs, 5 mana is still generous.
Posted By: Daikoru (9/26/2010 10:40:55 PM)


I'm thinking,

Turn 1 Forest, Arbor Elf
Turn 2 Forest, use Elf for Palladium Myr
Turn 3 Forest, Double Galvanizers
Turn 4, Infinite Mana, mebbe X=50 Genesis Wave, loads of Eldrazi

That's 7 cards plus a delicate combo, so yeah - it's unlikely. But I like to dream about these things...

By the way there was a Type II infinite mana/myr combo with Myr Matrix and Mana Echoes, back in the day. Don't tell me this is any dumber than that.
Posted By: JenBroness (9/25/2010 9:22:48 PM)


In a dedicated myr deck, this plus Myr Matrix plus Door of Destinies or something could make Myr terrifying, brokenness aside.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (9/23/2010 5:35:47 PM)


That's one heck of the lord. Now if only we'd have more lovely myrs in the rest of the block...
And all this "ZOMG, INFINITE MANA !!!111eleven!!BORKEN!!!11!oneone" is just n00b detector, no more than lousy B-plan for mighty MYR BEATDOWN... or maybe MYR CONTROL.
Posted By: Gavrilo (9/30/2010 2:48:11 AM)


t the next person to say "ZOMG IT COMBOS WIF PALLADIUM MYR" will be ensured a hideous death at my hands
Posted By: The_Timsta92 (10/3/2010 10:54:18 PM)


Remember when infinite mana combos took...skill? Remember when they took some thought? Me too...This is a spit in the face of old school combos. And at a time when there are things in standard like Comet Storm, Fireball, Exsanguinate, etc. winning with this will be a joke. Seems like Wizards wants to do redo with Scars the damage that was done with the first Mirrodin. The Scars of Mirrodin won't heal, it seems.
Posted By: surewhynot (9/24/2010 5:07:44 PM)


and this, ladies and gentlemen, is proof that wotc does not playtest their expansions beforehand. we all saw the infinite mana combo (and we haven't even played with the cards yet!). i know this is a good card but i have to give it a .5 simply because it hurts the game so much.
Posted By: Eternal_Blue (9/26/2010 12:07:45 AM)