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Shame we didn't have werewolves yet when this was first printed. Aren't they supposed to fear fire as well?
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (9/23/2011 8:53:31 AM)


I really like this thing. It fits, and the new art is fantastic.
At the prerelease I ran two and killed so much good stuff with them. I don't remember making use of the evasion at all, but colorless removal is always welcome.
Posted By: axiobeta (9/24/2011 7:09:04 AM)


Bizarre as the flavor is... I'm dumping these into my werewolf deck. Four of them.
Everything else I have is either werewolves, werewolf help, or manna acceleration... SO I think this is going to be my removal.
Posted By: Zoah (9/24/2011 4:10:36 PM)


this card was super awesome at the pre-release with Galvanic Juggernaut
Posted By: raadface (9/24/2011 11:06:30 PM)


The flavor is somewhat questionable, but I enjoyed equipping this to my Stromkirk Noble. A Slith that can't be blocked by Humans, Zombies, or Vampires is unquestionably relevant. Still couldn't get around Typhoid Rats though.
Posted By: JU4 (9/25/2011 9:24:07 AM)


The evasion is slightly relevant in this format, but quite frankly, a colorless Shock at the common slot should be welcome by most people.
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (9/25/2011 5:34:59 PM)


It's back, and it's common! Hooray!

Also, people, don't forget it can deal 2 damage to a creature OR a player. During one game (which I later did lose anyhow), a guy could have killed me during an attack if he had just sacked the torch and flamed me for two - but he had thought it only targeted creatures. After his turn was over, I informed him of his mistake, seeing I was pretty much doomed anyhow... He was quite distraught.

Also, the form of the torch here... Is that one of those neck collar gadgets? That would be really evil to set that on fire!
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (9/26/2011 5:50:54 AM)


I love it when they transplant cards with flavor from their original planes into completely new planes where they make just as much sense.
Posted By: Axelle (10/19/2011 8:45:45 PM)


it doesnt fit in zendikar that much better in innistrad 4 stars
Posted By: penguinmage25 (11/9/2011 5:57:21 PM)


i like Mortarpod
Posted By: use643 (11/25/2011 1:51:39 PM)