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Harbor Titan may not be very titan-y, but he's not terribly rare-y either. Solid "I'm just starting out" card.
Posted By: Salient (3/4/2012 8:46:56 PM)


Sorry Happyface, I don't agree at all. However, your comment was made before the set came out, so I'll let it slide (for that is what I thought before it came out!).

M13 has been a really weird set, and a terrible set to draft. A decent number of the rares from M13 were reprints: in fact, 19 out of 71 Mythics and Rares in M13 were reprints (from a set that wasn't print in the Magic 20's core sets), and M12 had 12 out of 72. I thought that made M13 into less of a core set (a set for basic strategies and card effects), especially with 2 win-condition cards in the set (Door to Nothingness/Battle of Wits)

Opening a crappy (or unplayable) rare/mythic in limited is the worst possible feeling. You could either get angry, or you could laugh it off, seeing if it goes around the table. M13 has 8 unplayable rares/mythics (wit's end, Touch of the Eternal, Battle of Wits, Door to Not... (see all)
Posted By: Sven_Untgaarde (11/28/2012 9:48:51 PM)


Hes a 5/5 for 6 in blue, with evasion and a work around drawback. But when you add frost titan into the mix, this guy becomes irreverent except for limited games.

Weaker cards have nothing to do with what gets played. But they naturally have to make the mythics and the rares stronger then commons, so its good to set a weak measuring scale.

You cant have every card outdoing every other card, or else cards will get too strong in a bad way.

But this guy is strong enough for the budget player or the drafter to get some damage done. A fine addition to the weaker side of magic.

4.5/5 for fantastic balancing and development.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (11/29/2012 12:04:10 PM)