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This guy really raised the standards for glistening things after a certain Glistener Vampire lowered them.
Posted By: Templar314 (5/9/2011 2:24:51 PM)


The 1-drop all Infect decks have been waiting for...
Posted By: infernox10 (5/12/2011 7:03:47 PM)


Turn 1: Exile 2 Elvish Spirit Guide . Cast this and Concordant Crossroads , giving your Glistener Elf haste. Play a forest, cast Invigorate then cast Berserk for a 10/5 Glistener Elf. Too bad you really can't do this in Standard.
Posted By: pt_z (6/2/2011 3:20:35 PM)


Mono-green speed infect deck staple.
Posted By: somegeek (10/23/2011 2:56:17 AM)


Thank you, Infect, for letting me win 4-0 at FNM on a 10 dollar budget. :)
Posted By: GlassJoetheChamp (4/14/2012 5:05:05 PM)


Turn 1 : Florest. This.
Turn 2 : Mountain. Giant Growth. Assault Strobe. TROLLFACE !
Posted By: SupremeMyr (5/5/2011 6:02:20 PM)


Black has a couple of great aggro infectors (Blight Stinger, Phyrexian Crusader), but didn't get anything to fill the gap in a black-aggro infect deck in New Phyrexia. This card unequivocally fills such a gap for green.
Turn 1 Glistener Elf Turn 2 Groundswell Groundswell Mutagenic Growth FTW
Posted By: Selez (4/28/2011 6:12:47 PM)


I just hope this doesn't end up being a huge mistake. Feels like Standard's going to turn into another 4 turn death race as soon as Zendikar rotates out.
Posted By: Minus_Prime (4/28/2011 6:20:17 PM)


This is how the world ends. Not with a bang, but with an elf.
Posted By: Thanatophagous (3/7/2012 9:48:00 AM)


*** it. Just, plain, outright *** it.
Posted By: Artan (5/2/2011 10:24:03 AM)