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Will be reprinted in M14. Say goodbye to Junk Reanimator when this rotates into standard.
Posted By: Aremath (5/25/2013 6:03:01 PM)


Does way to much for a two drop, this is almost Gofy level busted :/

However, in terms of power, hes obviously a 4.5/5 card
Posted By: Hunter06 (6/5/2013 4:00:21 PM)


I would expect a lot of the reanimation strategies and the use of deathrite shaman to be far less relevant in the new standard, and probably Modern, when M14 comes out. And since this is accessible to Modern as well, the price of Deathrite Shaman may finally start to come down.
Posted By: RiftenBlack (6/22/2013 10:52:25 PM)


Once this hits Standard it'll be real fun to play with Exava on the field
Posted By: darkspire91 (6/29/2013 12:46:02 PM)


And now Modern Jund is getting ANOTHER toy. Lovely.

Not like I'm complaining. We could always use some new tech against Tarmy, Deathrite, Snappy, the Finks, and the other staples.
Posted By: MostlyLost (7/1/2013 11:40:02 AM)


Looks like it has some potential late game, and mid game, and early game. Looks like a solid card.
Posted By: Manspider (6/16/2011 3:22:02 PM)


Rune Bears are never great in EDH, but one that can gain life, grow into a total monster and remove cards from graveyards is ridiculous. Green staple for EDH.
Posted By: Mattmedia (6/18/2011 6:22:19 PM)


Commander continues the proud Wizards tradition of printing one new Dredge hoser per release :)
Posted By: Salient (8/27/2011 9:56:40 PM)


My god, the utility of this card is giving it play over Tarmogoyf in Legacy.
Posted By: EpicBroccoli (2/18/2012 7:07:47 PM)


This is absolutely worth it. I faced Ghave against The Mimeoplasm once, and between this and Necrogenesis, Mr. Mimeoplasm lost his appeal.

Total graveyard hoser, and that's why we love our ooze :D (Not in that way)
Posted By: Splizer (9/12/2011 4:47:52 PM)