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Figure of Destiny had Level Up before it was cool.
Posted By: Grumman (9/19/2011 2:10:17 AM)


I'm not 100% sure why this guy made it into this promo set...
Don't get me wrong, I like this card a great deal.
But, I'm wondering:
What's his affiliation with Fire and/or Lightning, other than it being in the color red.
Posted By: infernox10 (11/21/2010 11:01:49 PM)


Not sure how how he fit's with the theme. . .
Posted By: John-Bender (12/24/2010 7:59:06 PM)


i always thought this card very useless....then i noticed it did not end at the end of the turn
Posted By: Rakdos.Da.Purifier (1/15/2011 9:44:48 PM)


Soulbright Flamekin + Imagecrafter + things like the urza lands/ Sol ring etc. + Figure= an ez 8/8
Posted By: ChampionofSquee (11/21/2010 11:12:19 AM)


thanx Rakdos.Da.Purifier
Posted By: Shinigami-2099 (2/8/2011 11:05:35 PM)


Figure needs to come out turn 1 or so. Each upgrade is like playing an undercosted version of what he becomes. However, attempting to hit multiple stages in one turn is decidedly NOT worth it. Unless you have mana to burn.
Posted By: Detonativity (11/20/2010 3:05:10 PM)


I love pumping this guy up at instant speed. Pyroclasm? Go right ahead. Plus he's an awesome beater in a mono-white deck. I love the eventide hybrid mana.
Posted By: Anon_Amarth (9/4/2011 10:33:34 AM)


Runed Stalactite
Posted By: Paleopaladin (9/26/2011 3:10:23 PM)


Combo with Boldwyr Intimidator. Obviously there are much better ways to temporarily make it a Warrior and skip the first two stages, but that's probably the most amusing.
Posted By: LordRandomness (12/18/2011 10:21:49 PM)


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