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With this as common, any player can feel free to splash colors at will in a mono green deck. I'm thinking of throwing it in my elves deck to take advantage of the odd multicolored elf. Nice.

Edit: Wow, I didn't even notice the cantrip until I read some of these comments. A mana fixer that replaces itself? Very cool!
Posted By: Totema (5/1/2012 1:26:57 PM)


This is really good. One mana for a free draw? In green? Anything after that is gravy.
Posted By: MechaKraken (5/7/2012 3:56:58 PM)


This card was really good for draft, and it's perfect for splashing any color into green without even costing you a card. I like it.
Posted By: KokoshoForPresident (6/11/2012 8:23:13 AM)


This card is so impossibly versatile in an Aura Gnarlid / Lorescale Coatl deck. Mana fix, card draw, and buffed creatures for {G}? Yes please.
Really, doesn't deserve anything lower than a 4.5/5, and more in the right decks.
Posted By: zenuedite (6/13/2012 10:05:35 AM)


I like it. It shrinks my deck by replacing itself and providing a useful service for 1 mana.
Posted By: Domak (6/17/2012 7:58:11 PM)


Ah, I understand you now Fenix! I stand utterly corrected. I completely misread the card. Excuse me while I go embarrass myself somewhere else by casting Jump on my Storm Crow.
Posted By: Jalenstorm (4/28/2012 2:59:01 PM)


Uhhhh, Jalenstorm, this does not accelerate your mana, it gives your land another ability. You can't tap it to produce any colour (which it gained with Abundant Growth) AND the original mana it produced at the same time...
Posted By: Fenix. (4/28/2012 10:00:52 AM)


With all of the new insane effects and weird synergy being printed in Magic these days it's great to see cards printed that make you say "how did they never print that before?" Honing in on flavor and function.
Posted By: lorendorky (4/26/2012 8:56:34 PM)


Reminds me of Manamorphose:
Given that you have two lands (of which one produces the right mana), this card is effectively entirely free and allows some further advantages, like increasing the storm count.

In the case of Abundant Growth, it can be especially great with lands that otherwise couldn't produce any mana, most notably two particular legendary ones that can't tap in the first place: Dark Depths and The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale, but also fetchlands like Wooded Foothills, or fancy choices like Arena, Diamond Valley, Ice Floe, Island of Wak-Wak, Maze of Ith, Oasis, Safe Haven...maybe even Sorrow's Path, if you're really desperate. Or have a couple of Stuffy Dolls lying around.
Posted By: Mode (5/9/2012 2:17:12 PM)


Excellent design and art.
Posted By: LordOfTheFlies87 (5/10/2012 1:36:07 PM)