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Get 4 out, watch you opponent get annoyed.
Posted By: TheMaskedWanderer (11/12/2011 4:47:15 PM)


army of the dammed be ware
undead alchemist meet your match
and tokens tread carefully
Posted By: Notchism (6/28/2012 5:47:33 AM)


Great counter to Ajani, Caller of the Pride
Posted By: asskicker123456789 (1/22/2013 12:34:04 PM)


Not strictly better than Suture Priest by a long shot, there's probably a lot more support for Vampires out there than Clerics.
Sure, the lifegain is nice, but Vampire type and Doom Blade immunity makes them pretty well-matched.
Posted By: the_sixth_degree (11/11/2011 7:14:16 PM)


I like it. I had two out and my friend for got I did (I think) so he went and played a Army of the damned. It was fun.
Posted By: Stinga (1/2/2012 9:41:57 AM)


so i have a rulings question, but cant find any thus far:
i was at 1 life. my brother had 1 blood seeker on the board, i had 6 artifacts on the board already and played a filigree angels, do i lose the 1 life then lose the game, or do i gain the 21 life then lose 1 life?
Posted By: darthvolcaniz (1/7/2012 7:57:00 PM)


You disappoint me and no, you will never be in any vamp deck I make. What's that? Bloolord of Vaasgoth? No, not even if he's around to clean up the mess.
Posted By: ObsceneMartyr (7/21/2011 5:19:30 PM)


I hate the fact that this doesn't trigger bloodthirst.
Posted By: luca_barelli (7/22/2011 3:32:29 PM)


@darthvalconiz: you lose 1 life but then gain 21, and you would not lose the game. Losing the game from being at zero life is a state based...thingy (technical terms allude me), meaning that the game checks you're life as phases move along. So someone can drop you to zero and you could use and instant to gain life and stay in the game. Pretty much in this case you gain 20 life.
Posted By: beatmick (2/10/2012 1:03:15 PM)


If you're playing Suture Priest at all outside limited, you're playing this guy as well. And before she showed up, he was the best at what he does. Poisonbelly Ogre is just way too slow.
If you want to try a deck around them, pick cards like Hissing Miasma or Ghostly Prison, cards that give your opponent tokens like Mercy Killing, Forbidden Orchard, Varchild's war riders, or Hunted Phantasm, ways to further punish your opponent with those tokens such as Angel's Trumpet (if you play ghostly prison) and Massacre Wurm(which is nice with mass-reanimate like pyyrhic revival and Twilight's call) . For some of these cards, mana fixing is an issue. But the deck can be really fun!
In other words, this guy is not as he appears. He will find you lat... (see all)
Posted By: Kryptnyt (7/24/2011 7:33:14 AM)