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@PhyrexianFryCook: That's because "fear" would have taken its place, but they cut "fear".
Posted By: Tiggurix (2/23/2012 8:40:56 AM)


Commander Review: sucks. Four mana for conditional evasion sucks. 1/5
Posted By: majinara (1/28/2012 12:24:44 AM)


Mask of Riddles for non-blue/black decks. Intimidate is probably one of the worse keywords (if not the) so they could have standed to make the casting or equipping slightly less.
Posted By: RAV0004 (1/27/2012 2:19:04 PM)


Ok this is underrated. This is definietly at least a 3. I mean, Intimidate is a good ability and just look at the art! It's so cool.

4.5/5 for flavor
3/5 for how good it is
Posted By: Ligerman30 (5/18/2012 2:30:04 PM)


Why the f**k do I own eight of these things?
Posted By: VirusVescichetta (3/18/2012 2:05:51 AM)



hrrrRRRAAAWH, Where is he!!
Posted By: raptorman333 (3/22/2012 12:06:35 PM)


Guys, guys, guys....what if I told you I could get you better than intimidation and throw in nigh invincibility to boot for half the total cost of dressing up like a Strangers extra? What if I told you I could throw that onto a 1/1 body, no extra charge?! Ladies and Gentlemen, have you met my friend, The Invisible Man?
Posted By: rydog422 (5/26/2012 11:03:11 PM)


Does this look like a smiley face for anyone else?
Posted By: Adunar (9/5/2012 3:51:18 AM)


You guys are missing the point of this card... you equip it to an artifact creature. I run it in my modular deck (since enchantments cost colored mana, my creatures need to be expendable and the deck desperately needs evasion.)
Posted By: EamonnMR (5/15/2013 6:57:27 PM)


There's hate for majinaras comment because she's a snotty little *** with no sight beyond her concept of good. And in EDH, no card sucks, in standard, yes, limited, yes, legacy, yes, granted, pretty much every format bar EDH, but EDH isn't about winning and having a better deck, EDH has never been about beating someone to death before they can do anything. EDH is about playing cards that are fun, and playing cards that might not see play elsewhere. In EDH, its an extra way to add evasion, and hey, its colourless, so you can use it in a mono white EDH and give your Akroma intimidate as well as win more. Granted, there are better options, but there is no card that sucks if you know where its place is. And MOST importantly, SINCE *** WHEN WAS 4 MANA A LOT IN EDH? IN A FORMAT THAT USES PREDOMINANTLY HIGH MANA COST SPELLS! *** YOU PEOPLE ARE FUCKEN RETARDED SOMETIMES!
Posted By: oj48 (7/10/2013 11:26:37 PM)


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