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@Vlad74205: What's it like having no friends?
Posted By: psychichobo (6/11/2013 5:19:59 AM)


turn one myr superion anyone??

Posted By: Myrofkoth (7/5/2011 4:27:48 PM)


Hi. You must be new here.

The GG gets added to the mana pool. Whether or not the opponents want to or remember to use it is NOT the controller's responsibility to remind them- that's like telling your opponent every spell that would get rid of your Stuffy Doll that you put into play.

It's players like you that make it so we can't have nice things. Why would you ever coddle someone who CAN'T READ THE BOARD?
Posted By: MacBizzle (5/11/2012 3:32:22 AM)


land destuction mana burn deck maby?
Posted By: Huffytreefolkman (6/29/2011 1:28:19 PM)


Doesn't Mana empty from pools at the end of phases? That means you can't use him to summon creatures. Unless I'm being stupid again.

For now, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.
Posted By: Zoah (8/8/2011 6:00:16 PM)


Not turn one guys. You play him, then at the beginning of your NEXT precombat main phase you get GG.

Heh, GG. Rather prophetic, isn't it?
Posted By: TheLionsMane (8/9/2011 4:21:54 AM)


A real shame this isn't an Elf, because if it were, it'd be worth a decent amount.

A friend of mine plays it in his EDH deck, and from personal experience, it works against him more than for him. Even if someone was playing a Blue/Black deck, they'd still get 2.

And unlike Howling Mine, there's no secondary reason to give your opponents the benefit: Howling Mine can be helpful for Milling EDH. It's not like they can lose by having more mana in their mana pool (anymore).

Unlike many of the Magus', this one is overrated. Like Collective Voyage (which is not surprisingly in my same friends deck), players don't see that you've wasted your own mana to help them.
Posted By: Ferlord (10/6/2012 10:25:51 AM)


Like Eladamri's Vineyard... but it can attack.
Posted By: IamjustnotCreative (1/1/2013 7:15:28 PM)


So... Zero Punctuation, anybody?
Posted By: neongecko06 (6/22/2013 10:32:52 AM)


@MacBizzle: Go read the tournament rules again please. What Enderblade describes would be just as much cheating as just tapping lands and putting stuff on the table without announcing anything or waiting for his opponent to pass priority.

As for Magus of the Vineyard, it's a great card that really helps speed up the game in multiplayer. Just make sure your deck can take more advantage of the extra mana than your opponents'. Omnath, Locus of Mana EDH in particular puts the Magus to great use.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (11/13/2013 5:48:31 PM)


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