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I play a Sliver EDH deck and the land base is almost entirely non-basic (Sliver Overlord on the fifth or sixth turn - yes please!). One of my buddies plays whatever preconstructed EDH deck this card is in. Unless I have Gemhide Sliver in play, this card says "You lose the game".
Posted By: TheShadow344 (2/13/2012 8:23:15 AM)


***tarice playing 4 player edh against ghost council, damia and mimeoplasm deck. They had been countering and slaughtering all my creatures (and mana rocks) from the beginning. Played this after mimeoplasm had played pact of negation last turn. They had at most 2 basics in game while i had all basics... Got kicked, although i found it was an amazing play. It wasn't even ld deck i was playing, actually ruination was only Ld spell in whole deck (was playing boros colors myself).
Posted By: Juusto (3/10/2012 2:34:59 PM)


I bet this would be fun with Panoptic Mirror.

Posted By: BongRipper420 (6/4/2012 9:58:30 PM)


If you're playing constructed red burn or sligh you're probably better off with Price of Progress; no reason to destroy your opponents' nonbasics before killing them when you can just kill them outright (at instant speed and for 2 fewer, too).

In EDH, though, everything's a singleton, so every card counts--and in an EDH deck that's interested in land destruction effects like Armageddon, you'll often see Ruination, Wildfire, and Destructive Force functioning as 'geddons 2 through 4.
Posted By: Werewolf- (10/11/2012 10:12:52 AM)


Next to Sinkhole and Pillage this is definitely the best land removal in the game. IT SHOULD BE MODERN LEGAL LIKE YESTERDAY
Posted By: RavenousRecoil (2/7/2013 8:05:10 PM)


Yeah, so, this is pretty good if you're trying to win in an EDH/Commander game, say in a tournament setting. But if you're playing casual multiplayer games, you might want to wear body armor.
Posted By: Nagoragama (3/5/2013 11:33:11 PM)


@greg: At least, it's fair until the deck running it is the only one with all basic lands. :v
Posted By: LordRandomness (5/1/2013 5:17:34 AM)


Play this in Vintage! Then, post pictures of your bruised and broken face on Reddit!
Posted By: Totema (8/14/2013 7:52:29 PM)


For when you feel like Ruinating the countryside.
Posted By: Zom-B (10/31/2013 4:56:33 PM)


Forget duals, with the cloudpost, glimmerpost, lotus nonsense, this is a huge equalizer. As is back to basics if playing blue. I've seen 4th turn Blightsteel Colossus too many times now.
Posted By: openuris (11/2/2013 12:22:33 PM)