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A Cavern of Souls set to Wizards is helpful for splashing this, as well as some other high-power Wizards - Delver of Secrets, Snapcaster Mage, Augur of Bolas etc.
Posted By: jstorrie (7/20/2012 4:05:55 PM)


I love this card and the rest of the cycle.
1) They are very good cards in draft for cost and ability.
2) They encourage multiple colour combos (which is great for a core set, aka the set to get newbies in)

However, I still think they should all of been 2 mana and maybe a 1/1 flyer, boosted to a 2/2 flyer or something.
Posted By: LeaPlath (8/4/2012 5:11:41 AM)


@lotsofpoopy: not sure if lame attempt at trolling or if your dad actually dresses in studded leather armor.
Posted By: Lash_of_Dragonbreath (12/6/2012 12:37:20 PM)


Of course he's wearing clothes; he's a Dominarian Aven. Clearly you didn't play during Odyssey and Onslaught blocks. Also, this is my favorite card of M13. Solid beater that can start to reverse early damage. Is stellar with Ring of Evos Isle in Limited. I wouldn't mind using him in a Constructed deck, even. Bant Lifegain Aggro is highly doable. Imagine throwing Rancor or Runechanter's Pike on him.
Posted By: Doaj (12/7/2012 11:59:45 PM)


Arctic Aven is a great bird. As far as tribal decks go, this one deserves a spot. It's comparable to Aven Rif***cher, and even though Arctic Aven isn't guaranteed to gain you 4 life, it doesn't die after 3 turns, it encourages offensive play, and has the potential to gain more life. Assuming you control a plains, if one lifelinked hit connects, that's a 6 point life swing. Don't overlook this bird, he's among the best of the tribe.
Posted By: Yen24 (3/11/2013 7:34:12 AM)


I took a chance and decided to put these guys in my Blue/White exalted deck. While its fairly fragile for it's mana cost, the pay one lifelink is not to be underestimated. So far I can often get this cute little guy well over 7+ power, and its all in all been proving a very solid little card.
Posted By: RamenAwesome (6/1/2013 4:06:09 AM)


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