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Strictly better than Jayemdae Tome and Rod of Ruin COMBINED.
Posted By: dhinge (2/8/2013 10:55:49 AM)


This card just got A LOT better thanks to Sydri, Galvanic Genius
Posted By: CatParty (11/19/2013 4:43:43 PM)


This feels odd as a throwback to Nin, the Pain Artist. It could have easily just dealt 1 damage to a creature and made that creature's controller draw a card. Then it would have cost much less and given you a more interesting choice: removal at a price, or self-harm with a reward?
Posted By: MisterAction (7/6/2012 2:53:32 PM)


Hey, you got your Rod of Ruin in my Howling Mine!
No, you got your Howling Mine in my Rod of Ruin!
Posted By: Totema (7/5/2012 11:43:18 PM)


It's a staff of Nine Inch Nails? Can you use it to hurt yourself today, to see if you still feel?
Posted By: Lazenca_Seifus (7/9/2012 9:41:50 AM)


I put this in an ramp elf deck, because I often found myself with no cards in hand if my opponents survived the initial onslaugh. Works wonders, still putting pressure, with an extra card each turn, and with the deck I made I can cast it at turn 3 given the right cards... This on the field with Descendant's path can be pretty fun too...
Posted By: Trep.the.Treehugger (8/31/2012 9:11:40 PM)


Too bad the promo art is about 10,000x better than this.
Posted By: hello4am (7/15/2012 10:24:53 AM)


This card is horrible 0/5
Posted By: Lord_of_phyrexia (8/2/2013 8:49:33 AM)


A truly awesome artifact. I am truly the best and a pro and I strongly recommend this card.
Posted By: Lotsofpoopy (9/5/2012 10:22:27 AM)


This looks surprisingly playable.
Posted By: blindthrall (7/8/2012 6:09:10 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!