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So, I heard you got Arrested?
Posted By: Araganor (11/11/2013 8:47:59 PM)


My prediction is Gatecrash being some sort of rebellion by the guildless and then guilds unite and we get wedge guilds in the final set.
Posted By: lorendorky (9/25/2012 10:05:27 PM)


Better than Mirran Crusader in my book. Rancor-compatible, more splashable. He's more vulnerable, yes, but he also comes out a turn sooner.
Posted By: Vandarringa (9/28/2012 9:16:03 AM)


Pros like me will be pumping this soldier to make him a force to be reckoned with.
Posted By: Lotsofpoopy (9/26/2012 8:50:39 PM)


Good with tons of equipment. Sucks without.
Posted By: majinara (9/27/2012 12:29:31 AM)


I am not sure if this card is any good at all. I mean, we have close to no relevant 1 thoughness guys.
Posted By: Firesplitter. (9/26/2012 1:22:54 AM)


Hey look, it's our old pal Boros Swiftblade! He seems to be just a bit out of practice judging by that drop in toughness, but he can still own you if you're not prepared. 5/5
Posted By: Continue (12/25/2012 11:53:42 AM)


Turn 1: Forest, Abundant Growth
Turn 2: Plains, this guy
Turn 3: Plains, 2 Ethereal Armors, Rancor, swing for 22 trample damage.

I've done this, just with better lands. This guy is good. Getting a play set now before he goes up in price. >.>
Posted By: MithosFall (1/2/2013 1:35:44 PM)


4 out of 5. Good in limited, but can be exetremely powerful in constructed with pump spell. White weenie just got better.
Posted By: chrome_dome (1/7/2013 5:36:54 AM)


Turn 1 Stonewright, turn 2 this, turn 3 Curse of Stalked Prey, and start unleashing hell on your opponent.
Posted By: snied (1/17/2013 8:35:00 AM)