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This is pretty combotastic creature. I imagine it wouldn't be unreasonable to sculpt your hand with Izzet Charm and Thoughtflare so that when you play the sphinx you could basically go off and draw million cards.
Posted By: Zenzei (10/9/2012 5:49:17 AM)


Squadron Hawk just got a new best friend. Brb, building an esper deck to draw everything.
Posted By: NoIHavent (10/9/2012 8:19:14 AM)


This is very interesting. It has a cool and unique ability, and at worst, it's a 5/6 flyer for 6 cmc. A very interesting strategy for this would be to play four-of niche answer cards maindeck that are killers for archetypes you are weak to (i.e. play four Grafdigger's Cages maindeck if you are weak to Zombies). That way, if you draw them and don't need them, they become mana-free card advantage. Finally, a fun casual combo would be this + Tamiyo, the Moon Sage's ultimate to draw your whole deck once you have two-of-a-kind.

TL;DR: A big beater with a niche ability, I like it better than Consecrated Sphinx

Posted By: Superllama12 (10/9/2012 1:43:12 PM)


Combos with two Dredge cards with the same name; low Dredge counts preferred. Golgari Brownscale is perfect.

Discard two Dredge cards, draw two cards, and replace two draws with those two Dredge cards. Rinse and repeat.
Posted By: Axelle (10/13/2012 12:19:23 PM)


Glad they didn't make another brokenly powerful consecrated sphinx, this is a cool sphinx for Johnny, with a nice body for limited.
Posted By: Sironos (10/18/2012 6:02:12 PM)


I'm so surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet. Archmage Ascension. This bad boy is In fitting colours, and if used appropriately is up and running by the time you drop Sphinx, and assuming you're running a mostly 4-of deck, you can fill your hand with any card that you want by grabbing two of a card you don't want, and two that you do. Repeat. This is going to be a one of in my Delver/Archmage Ascension deck. 4.5/5.
Posted By: Moldyapple (10/19/2012 12:48:29 PM)


My friends won't let me forget the time I had this guy out in a draft and activated the ability:
I discarded 2 Auger Spree. I drew...four lands. (Still won!)

Before the RTR draft season is over, I hope everyone manages to use the ability in Limited. It's a great feeling...even if the results aren't always great.
Posted By: yesnomu (11/26/2012 8:03:58 AM)


RIP Mahamoti Djinn, you have been replaced (unless said person is playing a djinn/arabian nights themed deck)

Many people have forgotten that good old Mahamoti was a staple inclusion in almost every blue deck as a heavy hitter/blocker when blue got the short end of the stick for creatures

Sure, blue has better creatures, but people say this is too high CMC/not for constructed etc, I really don't know what you guys are smoking really
Posted By: Paladin85 (12/4/2012 7:52:30 AM)


With Veilborn Ghoul, every swamp you drop now rewards four cards.
Posted By: Jhyrryl (1/13/2013 1:46:45 AM)


I bet it's awesome in Commander.
Posted By: TexasDice (6/25/2013 5:04:38 PM)


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