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anyone know if this card is going to be reprinted in m14 core set?
Posted By: potatoZMaster (6/2/2013 12:59:33 PM)


This card is a lot of fun to use now that dragon maze is out with a jund scavenge deck he can be boosted big time and a great +3/+3 counter if you have varolz out
Posted By: Bant1989 (6/7/2013 9:59:07 PM)


Slumbering Dragon, attack that planeswalker!


Slumbering Dragon, you have so many counters on you!

Posted By: jstorrie (7/3/2013 5:31:30 PM)


TL;DR - If you're making a dragon tribal deck, run this card or at the very least have 3 or 4 in your sideboard.

This is a must have for any dragon tribal deck. Sound strange? I thought so too. For the longest time I wrote this card off as being a wasted slot in my deck and ignored it. I finally put it in when I got frustrated from losing to early game aggro decks that other people in my playgroup ran frequently, and I immediately realized that this card is incredible. Whether or not I beat aggro decks now comes down to whether or not I draw this card in my opening hand.

The point of Slumbering Dragon isn't to have it wake up, but to buy enough time for Dragonspeaker Shaman to start bringing out the real threats. Even without the shaman, a Crucible of Fire guarantees that if my opponent can't outright kill me in one blow, they won't swing. Is he often the victim of removal? Yes. But that just means that my opponent can't use that removal on b... (see all)
Posted By: Mazrodak (4/16/2014 12:06:57 PM)


She's already sleeping, why not slap a Primal Cocoon on her?
Posted By: lorendorky (7/27/2012 6:17:09 PM)


So much flavor..... Also, meet my buddy Increasing Savagery. I'm sure you'll be good friends.
Posted By: rollinsclone (8/17/2012 9:55:44 AM)


I don't care if it takes forever to get going. The flavor alone makes me want to play this. Yes, it will be the target of removal, but you only spent Red to play it.
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (7/5/2012 6:01:59 PM)


TimmyForever seems to have a problem reading cards...
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (7/5/2012 7:36:36 PM)


You know, I don't recall seeing TimmyForever rate a card as anything above a 0.5 yet.

I don't think his mummy loved him enough.
Posted By: Cazaric (7/7/2012 3:48:14 AM)


With movie adaptation of The Hobbit coming later this year, and as a D&D player, I really love the flavor of this card. It also happens to have amazing potential and the Johnny in me is begging for a chance to break it.
Posted By: destroytargetplayer (7/5/2012 10:11:11 PM)


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