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Goat tokens are epic. 5/5

Possibly better than storm crow.
Posted By: Priz (7/7/2012 10:56:48 PM)


Let's all go to the goat store!! :D
Posted By: RedArcher (7/5/2012 11:07:31 PM)


My favorite card in the set easily. I see it kinda like this:
Pay one dollar, spend five minutes haggling: Trade a book for four cheeseburgers.
Pay one dollar, spend five minutes haggling: Trade one cheeseburger for a goat.
Pay one dollar, spend five minutes haggling: Trade your goat so you can rummage around in someone's dumpster for a toy.
Pay one dollar, spend five minutes haggling: Trade your new toy for a new book.

Now you have a new book and three cheeseburgers for only $4.00 and twenty minutes of work.

But in all honesty, I love this card. Already in my Orzhov reanimator. The first ability is great for dumping a fattie in your yard. Repeatable chump blocking or sacrificing is never bad. The third one is great for artifact creatures that do something when they hit the field. The last one is my least favorite, but it can still be useful. Great card, hope to see many more like it.
Posted By: SkyyValentine (7/9/2012 11:45:54 AM)


Favourite flavour of the set.
Posted By: the_sixth_degree (7/7/2012 9:10:18 PM)


Oh no! I sacced Squee!
Posted By: LordRandomness (7/25/2012 2:59:56 PM)


I absolutely love the flavor of this card, this feels Ravnica to me! Just imagine, you're in a big city, where trading is happening all over. This screams it, think of it like this, you sell your ideas (discarding cards) for some money (life); Money for livestock; Livestock for nice things(artifacts); And you trade in the nice tings for some information (cards). To me this is the Epitome of what I love, if this ever gets reprinted I will jump for joy :D
Posted By: LordTaco (7/16/2012 6:11:35 PM)


This... this should be a land.

It would be awesome as a land.

How in Vorthos can this be an artifact?? Yes, it is something artificially created, but it's a place!
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (7/5/2012 7:04:22 PM)


Combo with Homicidal Seclusion. Proceed to kill opponent with homicidal goat.
Posted By: HunkeyMunky (8/6/2012 1:33:58 PM)


Crazy fun!! It can do almost any silly thing you need! Love it!
Posted By: Radagast (7/14/2012 9:02:40 AM)


Ah, the bastard offspring of Magic and Settlers of Catan.

I'll trade you a sheep for a stone!
Posted By: Ideatog (7/12/2012 4:00:13 PM)