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shrieking drake FTW =)
Posted By: channelblaze (8/24/2010 11:30:48 AM)


Infinite mana with Priest of Gix
Posted By: GruesomeGoo (11/21/2010 2:46:54 PM)


SNAPCASTER MAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: alldon (10/19/2011 9:54:17 AM)


Question: Does this card works with Evoke creatures by returning it to your hand before the sacrifice takes place?
Posted By: Cyberium (8/19/2010 12:58:21 PM)


Man-o'-War becomes a {3}{U} bounce any other creature and then return him and repeat.
Posted By: Ace8792 (12/30/2010 3:13:02 PM)


Posted By: ultratog1028 (2/13/2011 6:45:32 PM)


"Infinite mana with Priest of Gix"

No. First, you'd need two priests, since Equilibrium triggers when the card is played, not when it resolves; since your first priest is a spell at the time, it's not yet a creature and can't be bounced. Second, you're paying 2B to put him down, getting BBB, then paying 1 to put the other one back in your hand. In other words, you've spent 3B to get BBB. You're now down one mana. There are ways to get infinite combos going with this card, but that's not one of them.

If you added two Cloud Keys and chose creatures, you could get an infinite mana combo going. Or this plus Priest of Gix x2 plus Aluren.
Posted By: Lyoncet (3/15/2011 10:05:39 PM)


All functionality aside (great card),
That flavor text is pretty impressive.
Posted By: infernox10 (3/26/2011 10:03:16 AM)


I've played with this card a lot, and in my experience, it really doesn't make things equal.
Posted By: scumbling1 (4/20/2011 3:22:19 PM)


this + high tide + cloud of faeries = infinite brain freeze storm count
Posted By: vosrevesrevers (7/15/2011 11:23:51 AM)