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This with Aluren, bouncing itself, for an infinite storm count, infinite colorless mana with Mana Echoes, infinite damage with Pandemonium or Warstorm Surge...
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (5/10/2012 7:36:25 AM)


In addition to all these awesome ideas, don't forget that you can use it to bounce an undead Strangleroot Geist back in to your hand. I want to put this guy in my RGW deck to give Cliffrunner Behemoth a good red permanent to get that haste.
Posted By: Cygore (9/7/2012 12:47:30 AM)


Let's keep it in the family, folks: reset your Flametongue Kavu! Kavu Climber! Kavu Howler! What we have here is synergistic utility at the tribal level!
Posted By: Kirbster (1/13/2013 2:04:59 AM)


Skyshroud ridgeback is another good choice.
Posted By: blurrymadness (4/11/2013 12:22:20 PM)


I run this guy in my beast tribal deck. He can bounce a Furnace Scamp to I can play it again to trigger Wirewood Savage and Aether Charge, and it's also a 3/4 so it triggers Garruk's Packleader. It can also, as others have mentioned, reset Blastroderm or Flametounge Kavu (which I haven't put in yet, and won't until I have more packleaders so that it's got more synergy.)
I think this guy (and the invasion block in general) is a big part of why I'm a GR player at heart.
Posted By: EamonnMR (10/23/2013 10:24:53 AM)


One of the best creatures in the game, if you go by pure stats. People are saying a 3/4 for 3 could get there in legacy, this is a 3/4 for 2!!! mana, with upsides!

even nowadays when Kalonian tusker is viewed as pushing it, just keep in mind, this thing still does it, and as mentioned above, it is easy to find something to bounce is green and later in the game it just becomes silly once you factor in cascade.

Also, how long does it take for a tharmogoyf to reach the same size? Heck, why not just play both of them?
Posted By: Shendran (2/13/2014 2:57:01 PM)


i need 8
Posted By: reawkwian (4/23/2014 8:15:58 PM)


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