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Great card. I continue to facepalm whenever players try and say that exalted in Black doesn't make sense. It's so obvious that it does; Black just had the "loner" mechanic in Avacyn Restored, after all. Note that Nefarox works a little differently than, say, Rafiq of the Many. Rafiq's second ability works the same as exalted: "whenever a creature you control attacks alone, it gains double strike until end of turn." Nafarox's second ability is more selfish. That's the difference between Bant's exalted and Black's exalted; it fits in those colors (although is more White and even Green than Blue), but it can be designed differently. Beautiful work by WotC.
Posted By: sarroth (7/6/2012 10:44:18 AM)


So... Much... Flavor....

I'll be using this dude in one or decks. Excellent for post Mutilate.
Posted By: Deco_y (7/5/2012 5:40:29 PM)


8 ball corner pocket!
Posted By: moxsmith (7/25/2012 9:25:13 PM)


@Sarroth: And it drives me crazy to no end when players say that Avacyn Restored's "Loner" makes Exalted work just fine. The whole idea of Exalted is "Scores of supportive troops (sources of Exalted) exalting their champion into single combat". "Loner" says "If the dude you have out isn't alone, make him kill the other dudes". Not really meshing ideas. Sure, there are sources of Exalted like Angelic Benediction (TOTALLY demonic!) and Cathedral of War, but the best and most frequent sources are creatures, which WRECKS the "loner" style. And while its arguable that Black's Exalted isn't "Scores of Supportive troops etc", Its still Exalted, referring to a card from Alara, which is like a Mirran Infector or blue Zombie with Fateful Hour. There's no information or reason for why a dude from Grixis has hijacked his in-flavor opposite's mechanic and combat style, so we're just going WTF MAN, WTF.
Posted By: Silver-Paladin (7/8/2012 6:45:11 PM)


3.7 rating ? Are u kids for real?
Posted By: Pipikako (7/27/2012 7:19:02 AM)


Would have been interesting at 5 mana. Even in EDH this guy is obsoleted by Thraximundar and the piles of awesome monoblack generals.
Posted By: metalevolence (7/5/2012 10:25:45 PM)


Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (7/5/2012 7:56:24 PM)


I LOATH how Exalted is a black ability now. It's just so wrong flavorfully. Even though mechanically this card is cool, I will still refuse to use it.
Posted By: General_Naga (7/7/2012 12:25:16 PM)


Last *I* checked God_of_the_Smurfs, NICOL BOLAS was Overlord Of Grixis, the real God of the Smurfs, and Supreme Ultra King of Everything...but Nefarox totally flavorfully deserves exalted. ;)
Posted By: DarthParallax (7/5/2012 11:30:31 PM)


Last time I checked, exalted was NOT a black mechanic.
Whatever. He's still a decent card. He probably won't see much play, but he's a blast and a half, flavorwise.
Posted By: God_Of_The_Smurfs (7/5/2012 8:53:23 PM)