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This with either another copy of itself or with Runic Repetition allows you to juggle spells for as long as your mana will reach. I NEED TO BREAK THIS.
Posted By: Amnesigenic (2/6/2012 6:31:33 AM)


Hey Call to Mind, do you mind if I totally replace you? K, thanks.
Posted By: A0602 (1/26/2012 7:09:43 PM)


Runic Repitition, Talrand, Sky Summoner, Arcane Melee and this. Congratulations, you now have 1BlueBlueRed: make three 2/2 drakes with flying and return target instant or sorcery to your hand. Proceed to go, collect $200, and repeat as long as you have mana.

Add in Secrets of the Dead and Burning Vengeance, and you have that PLUS draw a card and a shock.

However, you simply CAN'T do it at instant speed, since that would be broken
Posted By: Negated (7/24/2012 10:37:24 AM)


I was positive they'd make this card (although I was expecting it to grant flashback, that runs too much into Snapcaster Mage's territory). Problem is, I thought they'd make it cost 1 less on each cast, or make it an instant. If they'd have done either of those things, it could have gone a long ways towards encouraging the blue self-mill style of play. Snapcaster sort of does that. Problem is, if he's in your yard and not your hand, he can't help you. With this, you want to mill it away so you can take your pick of whatever juicy spells you may want.

But unfortunately it's expensive and clunky, meaning it probably won't see play.
Posted By: Lyoncet (1/28/2012 2:07:49 PM)


Well, aside from Faithless Looting this is the only toy they gave UR Delver, and it kind of sucks. Ugh.
Posted By: Shadoflaam (1/28/2012 12:29:44 PM)


...can it return itself to your hand? And will it then exile itself if you can? If not, then I guess with Secrets Of The Dead you have a "2R: Draw a card". Huh.
Posted By: Splizer (1/29/2012 7:09:02 PM)


Too bad it can't get Enchantments too.
Posted By: htgtmd (2/26/2012 3:51:04 PM)


Makes your Removal go much further in limited and thus is a notbad card. My opponent scooped before lethal when i used the same brimstone 3 times over 4 turns.
Posted By: franconbean (3/1/2012 5:41:54 PM)


The (incredibly) poor man/woman's Snapcaster Mage.
Posted By: miilkshake (4/17/2012 2:28:30 AM)


I found the weirdest use for this recently - ran it in a Red/Black Madness deck. Nothing like pitching it to give a Trespasser il-Vec shadow and then using the flashback to bring back a Dark Withering for removal or Call to the Netherworld to get a creature. In that respect it can provide some remarkable utility.
Posted By: psychichobo (10/14/2012 3:04:26 PM)